Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trouble Ahead...or in My Head.....

I was just letting my mind wander the other day and thought I would share a few thoughts I had...

*People are inherently lazy. If there is someone else to do something- let someone else take charge.
I, myself, do this sometimes. If there is something that needs doing- I usually sit back and wait. If it's more important to someone else that it be done quickly and they take responsibility and do it before me- fine. If it reaches the point where I think it's imperative it be done- then I do it. No biggie- it gets done either way. I wasn't like that always, if something needed doing- I'd be the first to say I'll do it....but then people began realizing that I would take care of it- and all the sudden I wasn't doing anyone a favor- it was just my JOB. It was mostly left up to me to do EVERYTHING while everyone else lazed about and had fun. Not anymore.

*There is an office idiot in every building.
Oh yes there is. The Bumbling Fool. The Clueless Klutz. The Mindless Moron.

*There is a Drama Queen in every Group.
The one person who feels the need to be the centre of attention every minute. The one who has to one-up any story that's told or any pain that's ever been had. EVERYTHING is a competition and they must win.

*There are always going to people who does something that will totally gross you out or annoy the hell out of you.
The guy that's reading and mindlessly picks his nose- and then the finger goes straight from the nose to the mouth. The one who sits and clicks his/her pen constantly as they work or carry on a phone conversation. The guy who ALWAYS leaves their mobile phone on the desk on full volume with the most awful ring tone  and lets it ring constantly while they go to take their lunch hour because they don't want to be annoyed with it while they're on lunch. Really?  How about either taking it with you- or turn the volume off or to vibrate so it doesn't annoy US while we're trying to get work done.

* There are too few people in the world you can honestly call a friend.
You have lots of acquaintances, people to have a chat with or do the occasional thing with, but when it comes down to it- how many people REALLY know the true you? The you that can have long conversations about what's really going on in your life and how you honestly feel about those things- and how many people do you really know and want to know that same amount about THEIR life?

* We don't spend nearly enough time Living -and way too much making a living.
There's a huge difference. Making a living is making money. Doing what you have to do to have food on the table, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head....and in most cases making all those things bigger and better and never being satisfied. Living is saying I have Enough- then being able to sit  back and enjoy what you have done and made. Have time to sit down and read a book on a quiet afternoon, or have breakfast in the garden so you can watch your surroundings awaken and get going. It's sleeping in instead of jumping up to make the next appointment. It's watching the kids play in the park, or going for a stroll or a long drive to nowhere in particular and enjoying the nothingness of the day.

And finally....

* There is way too much noise all the time.
Always, can hear car engines, or music from the neighbors, or horns blaring. Explosions from a TV show somewhere in the neighborhood. Children yelling, the neighbors arguing, the buses, the trains, the computer keys clicking, pots and pans banging, the clinking of glasses and flatware the din of a hundred voices murmuring. Dogs barking, cats hissing, the teakettle whistling.....
When was the last time you experienced true silence?

Can you identify?....


Michael Dodd said...

This reminds me of something I read back when I was in the monastery:

The First Rule of Community: In any community in which you live, there will be someone who drives you crazy. It may not be intentional, but it will be the case. The chemistry is just wrong and there is nothing you can do about it.

The Second Rule of Community: When the person described in Rule One leaves, someone will arrive promptly to that his/her place.

Sunny said...

How TRUE!!!! Either that or they were already there just slightly LESS annoying than the top dog. :)