Saturday, August 15, 2015

LYNDSAY BUCKINGHAM - HOLIDAY ROAD- The countdown has begun!!!

The Countdown has begun!!!! (For the second time, since I went into work on THIS past Monday thinking it was the following week, only to realize MUCH to my disappointment that I was WRO.... WRON...... Oh, I can't do it- I''ve gone all Fonzie on y'all)..... SO -Only SIX days until Paul and I take our 10 day holiday- the first of the new year!!!

I'm really excited about it- it's the first holiday I've taken in a couple of years that I've made no plans(so much) for- nor had any kind of medical appointment or testing scheduled in.

I do have a few tentative plans lined up- in case I get bored with just sitting around resting and relaxing tho.

This short list includes things such as:

*Reading a couple of books at my leisure.

* Listening to my favorite music- classical. Full orchestra, Piano and Guitar solos as well.

* Going a new route on a Photo permitting, of course.

* Walking into the village to have a bite of lunch at a pub or cafe I've seen as we rode past on our way into / home from work every day since moving here.

* Painting or drawing something new to hang on the walls- or if I get a particularly fetching photo- framing it to hang......I like to change up the artwork in our home occasionally.

 *And watching two of my favorite NON-Christmas movies (If I can find them)... National Lampoons Vacation (Chevy Chase)& The Great Outdoors(John Candy). I would say DUTCH too- but I saw that last weekend-(it was GREAT!!!)

Otherwise, I'm planning on blitzing the house one room at a time this week so there is absolutely NOTHING to detract from our R&R on those 10 days.......other than go on Saturday to buy groceries.

And as an added bonus, one of Hubby's office mates(an intern) has come to the end of his time with the company, so they're all going out to the pub to give him a send off and I've been invited. It's been awhile since hubby and I went out to the pub so I think I'll defo accept and go with them to say goodbye to Jon.

Anyway, the countdown has begun......Yay!!!

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