Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Fairy Tale- Princess Anin's Wedding.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away was the kingdom of Rellim.
In Rellim Kingdom there was four Princesses; Adav, Aseret, Anin, and Adia. Three were born to the King and Queen and the last was adopted, brought to the king and queen by fairies.

All the princesses had grown up and married off.
At the time of Anins wedding.......

Adav was married to a great and noble Englishman,one of her choosing, which greatly concerned some of the royal family, but she was very happy with her husband and made no odds about having anyones head chopped off or having them hanged should they voice their opinions in too loud a voice.

Adia, the fairy-child, was living in a land not to far away from Rellim awaiting news of her husband who had went off hunting one day and never returned. There were rumors of occasional sightings of him, but nothing had come of them. Times were hard for Adia but being a royal daughter she was looked after as well.

Aseret was single again, living in a land adjoining both lands where the two aforementioned princesses were residing. She was happy in her new castle she had recently acquired and went about her days making her castle a home for her and her children.

Anin came to Adav one day and told her that she had fially found her true love. Adav was very happy for her because Anin had had many suitors but they all turned out to be duds- altho, in general, they seemed to be nice guys. It was hard to explain without all the details which coud take forever and this is supposed to be a short-story fairytale- not a novel. Anyway..........Anin brought her Prince Ynot to meet Adav. Imagine her surprise when the Prince turned out to be someone she knew.
Anin and Adav's sister, Aseret had been married to the Prince many years before, but due to the stresses of war and other complications, had divorced and went their separate ways. Of course, as with any divorce, there were hurt feelings and upsets but everyone goes on with their lives eventually.
Now, it turns out that Anin and the prince had met again a while later-after the divorce- and had taken to each other. They didn't say anything much then to their families but they had fallen in love. They saw each other and went to many state functions together, but never any of the royal functions for fear of it causing a war between the royals. They became serious about their intentions, but in the end, the king became ill and so much of the princess' time was dedicated to making sure the king's every wish was seen to that she and her prince took some time off to think about their relationship, so they went their separate ways, but all along they thought of each other fondly and wished that they could be together.

Sadly the King passed away and the Princesses went back to their daily lives, or they tried to. The king had been much loved by all that knew him and it was months before the people of the kingdom stopped giving condolences to the royals of Rellim.

A few months after the royal funeral, fate and a chance meeting brought the Princess Anin and Prince Ynot back together. This time they didn't hesitate to proclaim their love to each other. And they began planning the wedding. Adav was informed, as was the queen and eventually the Princess Adia and The Royal Prince Eil(short for Eilrahc-where DO the Royals of long, long ago GET these names???)(Oh... did I forget to mention that there were two royal Princes too? Eil is the good Prince, but Prince Dra-short for Drawde- is evil. But That's another story for another time.)
Princess Aseret still bode some ill feelings toward Prince Ynot so was neither informed or invited to the wedding. Adav seemed to think that Aseret would say little and let bygones be bygones, but one can never tell so it went the way it did. Better safe than sorry as the fairies say. What happened after, is yet to be written.

The day of the wedding dawned overcast and cool. It had stormed the night before as well. But as time for the wedding approached the clouds disappeared and the sun shone in all it's glory. Unfortunately the temperatures rose as well and all the wedding party and guests almost melted like ice-cubes in boiling water. But there was a wedding feast that made the tables groan under them with meats and veggies and fruits -anything that would make the mouth water. There were six, yes six wedding cakes, so sweet and moist that you would believe the fairies had made them with their very own wings. Wonderful concoctions they were.
Unfortunately there was no ale to fortify the masses for the long trips home, but there were many other cooling drinks to quench even the worst thirsts. It was probably a good thing there were no spirits to drink- some of the guests would have probably fallen off their steeds or out of their coaches had there been much imbibing going on.

The wedding went on without a hitch. Well, maybe a itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny one.... The royal artists were hard pressed to find a moment they could capture for all time when the Prince and Princess weren't lip-locked. They did manage to get a few tho. There was only two the artists weren't able to get for the Royal couple. One was of her three royal children together alone. The other was one of the royal couple with her family that had come to the wedding. I hope the artists don't get hung or their heads chopped off when the Royal Couple come back from their royal honeymoon.

Just in case, there's a posse of friends from Sherwood Forest waiting.

We all hope Princess Anin and Prince Ynot live Happily Ever After.

The End.


Lois said...

I wish Princess Anin and Prince Ynot all the very best in their life together. What a sweet story.

Thanks for posting.

mistyforeverlost said...

Wishing them much happiness and the artists to keep their heads!