Monday, July 24, 2006

Members Only

I saw my Dad today.

I was walking and came to a building near the lake. On the porch of the building was my Dad, looking young and healthy and happy, dressed in a pair of red swim-trunks and his white boaters.

I tried to get his attention but he was laughing and then turned and walked thru the door of the building. I ran to catch up to him and get a hug, but when I got to the door I could go no further-posted was a sign that said "Members Only"- and I awoke crying.

I miss my Daddy.


rayray said...

aaaawwwwwww poor dear, (pushes past Paulius to offer a hug)
I know what it's like to miss someone dear to you.

Sunny said...

Thanks Ray-Ray.
I thought for sure it would get a BIT easier as time goes on. Instead it seems like the dreams are becoming MORE frequent.
Maybe after the full year has passed?

Lois said...

Hey Girl,

Maybe your Daddy is sending you a message that he is happy where he is, that you're not a member of the club he belongs to yet, and that he wants you to enjoy your life here?

I'm sure his missing your sister's wedding might have something to do with the dreams too.

I know you miss him, my friend. He was a great father. Time never quite heals the loss of a loved one, but only dulls it a bit to make it easier to live with.



mistyforeverlost said...


What lois said. I'm a believer in that sort of stuff. So what Lois said.

Anonymous said...

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