Friday, July 14, 2006

So Sorry!

Sorry I haven't been very good about posting these past few days.

I've been running around trying to get the remainder of the flowers together for my sisters wedding next Saturday. I'm doing all the flowers for the wedding party.

Went to Garden Ridge today and got the rest of what I needed. They are having their big HOME SALE starting today and I got a hundred and 29 dollars worth of floral stuff for 44.17!!!!!

Not too shabby, eh?

Now I just have to clear out my kitchen so I have the whole table to work on and I can get them all done this weekend...if I'm lucky.

God, PLEASE don't let me get a migraine this weekend!

Paulius and I are also going to be doing the photos of the wedding and reception for them. We are supposed to be at the rehearsal on Friday night and the the wedding is Saturday afternoon at 2PM.
I can't decide if Paulius and I should go and come back home after the rehearsal, or if we should get a room and stay there close. My sister lives about 60 miles away and the wedding location is another 25 miles. Long drive and I am a bit night blind as well.
We're still debating the pros and cons of both plans.
Any opinions?


I am about at my wits end with our dumb-as-a-rock-dog, Buddy. He chewed THRU the cable wire for the Internet a few days ago. They came out Wednesday and replaced it. I came home yesterday and Buddy hadn't been put in his room but I didn't think much about it. This morning I come in and he's in his room, but there are bits of blue fluff all around the cable wire at the front of the desk. I get close to look and try and figure out where the blue fluff came from and I glance at the cable wire....yep, It's been chewed on again. All the way down to naked wire...AGAIN. But not chewed thru. Thank goodness.

Am I going to have to beat this dog?(JK)... Am I going to have to muzzle him all the time?(MAYBE JK) Am I going to have to put skunk scent on the cable to keep him from chewing it?

None of those sound like a winning plan to me.
Maybe we could threaten to get a whole litter of kittens to torture him with?

I DO want a daschund, maybe NOW would be the time to get one.
Hmmmmmm, it's definitely something to think about.

Owwwww!!! Guess what? I got a raise! It was an across the board raise- not an individual thing. We get 2% extra. That's about a 5.00 Hot-N-Ready Little Caesars pizza, in case you're wondering. Weekly. Wow- you know- if we save up for a couple months, we could go to the steakhouse!

I work for such a generous company, bless their hearts!


Saffyre said...

Enjoy the wedding for the dog, I have no suggestons. Not even a one!

Topcat said...

Hi Sunny!
Congrats to your sister. You should get a room if you can, stay close, and enjoy yourselves. Hope everything works out great!
Love ya,

mistyforeverlost said...

Hate to tell you this but he does it because he is mad that you left him. Unless you want to replace a wire every day for the rest of your life, I would put him back in his room.