Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weight Of The World......

I know I take some things too personally. Sometimes it feels like I have the entire weight of the world on my shoulders. I see something that needs fixing- some injustice being done, something that someone can't help and I just want to make it better for them.
I can't help it.
Maybe it's just the way I was brought up. Maybe it's because I was done wrong on so much in my life. Maybe I just have too soft a heart to see anyone in pain or suffering and not try to do something to make it a bit easier on them. I don't know.
But what I DO know is this.
If I turn my back on someone in need- how can I live with myself or expect any help from anyone when I am in need and asking for help? And I am in need much more often than I would like to think. I just can't stand by and see someone I care about suffering, be it a relative, or a friend.......and sometimes even a stranger. It just breaks my heart....... it just breaks my heart............. I tend to put myself in their shoes, many times because I've actually BEEN in their situation. I can vividly remember the hurt, the pain, the humiliation. It never goes away. EVER.

People say just walk away from it. Don't think about everyone else that needs help, think about Sunny for a change. My question is how? When it's people you love and care about, how do you just turn those people out of your mind? How do you choose who to put out of your mind? Why would you even want to turn your back on them?

Let them fend for themselves? Easier said than done.
Sorry, no can do.

I wish I could win the lottery....maybe money doesn't buy you Happiness, but it would go a LONG way in making some of the UNHAPPINESS go away!!

I'll just be glad when everything finally smooths out and returns to normal for everyone......whatever that is.


Seacat said...

You've got such a caring heart!

Terry Chandler said...

Just do what you can, when you can, even if it's only to lend an ear or a hug. Sometimes it's all a person needs.
Hope things are better soon.