Monday, October 12, 2009

2012...And Other Nonsense.

Yeah- I plan on going to see the "End Of Time" movie 2012.

Paul often wonders why I have such a facination of these disaster movies......."The Day After Tomorrow", "EarthQuake", "Dante's Peak",. etc............sometimes I wonder, too. But I like to watch them. I love the special effects. I love the premise. I love to watch and see how man overcomes adversity. (Well, at least the ones who DO survive.) I sit and ask myself when given the choice to go with group A or Group B or to strike out on my own in that same situation, what would I have done. And then I usually get to see the outcome of my decisions.

It's entertainment.
It's a movie.

Sometimes I'm glad I don't have more university education than I got. I can't imagine analyzing every single movie I see for the rest of my life and I think Paul's film studies courses in university quite possibly has ruined his movie-going experiences for the rest of his life.

I don't sit around and analyze every little bit of the film for technical correctness or content.
I just enjoy the story.
Every nonsensical bit of it,- just for the sake of entertainment.


Paulius said...

It's not that I analyse every movie, i's just you realise in a lo of cases that you're watching the same movie over and over.

For example: Something threatens all life on earth. The estranged father character rushes to save his ex-wife and kids who don't beleive there's going to be a disaster until it happens. They hole up/struggle to save the world. One character poignantly gives his life for the rest of his group. Tearful goodbye. A small number of people survive...environmental message that's about as subtle as being clubbed over the credits to rock ballad theme tune.

tell me I haven't just covered the plot of just about every disaser movie ever made.

Sunny said...

Yeah- and it was a GREAT movie wasn't it????