Friday, October 23, 2009

The Last Straw.

Well, if this day doesn't just beat all.

Fasting since midnight to have bloodwork done at the doctors office was bad enough.
Then I come home from said doctors visit and walk into the kitchen to have our cat come racing past me and POUNCE just in front of my foot causing me to almost fall over him and break my neck. When I turned around to yell at the poor thing, he's standing there with an 13 inch snake dangling from his mouth. I measured. AFTER getting it away from Logan, The SuperHero Cat.(Meaning AFTER it stopped writhing he dropped it and I promptly chopped it's head off with a VERY long handled shovel).
OMFG!!!!!!! It was a baby copperhead!!!!
I don't think I can sleep in this house anymore.
Just walking around since it happened I am jumping out of my skin every time I brush against something or when Logan comes galloping down the hall like a horse. Every electrical cord I see is a slithering evil presence that's ready to sink it's fangs into me.

I was all ready to come home and eat a bite and then sleep for a while.
Not anymore. I may never sleep here again.
Marie- can you get me a good monthly rate at the Days Inn?
Lemme know.


Sunny said...

And here it is over an hour and a half after it had it's head chopped clean off it's body and it's STILL writhing around in the stupid box I got it in to show Paulius when he wakes up.
Snakes are EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seacat said...

OMG....1st at work and now at home!! What's with these copperheads heading indoors??!!

marie said...

trust me you dont wanna stay here. your liable to come across something more dangerous than a snake. jk