Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You'll Have To Carry Me Out In A Box.....

(You'll understand the photo when you reach the end of the post.... )

Watching my DIY network today, a couple of empty-nesters were doing improvements to their house in an upscale middle-class neighborhood. Doing stuff like making the den into a Home Theatre, complete with the Stadium seating and the Deluxe Theatre chair system. They made the adjoining bedroom to the Master a celebrity style walk-in closet. They also were redoing the bath and the kitchen to suit their taste and enhance their enjoyment of their remaining years of life. They worked hard(and were still working out of offices in their home) and paid for it and wanted to enjoy it even more.

The concern was (...and it wasn't THEIR concern.... as the title says, their words were "You'll have to carry me out of here in a box."........) that the value of their home would exceed the value of the surrounding homes in the neighborhood.

Well, who give a flying .........Crap?

It's THEIR home that they're planning on living in the REST of their lives and it can only make the prices of the other houses in the neighborhood go UP in value, so why does anyone give a damn?
They aren't asking the bank for money to make the improvements...they aren't asking the neighbors to help them out doing the improvements, nor are they making an eyesore of the neighborhood by painting it some God- Awful Blindingly Sick color like Barney Purple with Pumpkin Orange Hearts all over it.

Why should anyone else have a say about ANY improvements they make to the INSIDE of their own home?
It makes my blood BOIL when someone goes sticking their nose into something they should have NO say in whatsoever.

Next thing you know "SOMEONE" will be trying to tell us we have no right to make love except on Wednesday Nights, only with the lights off, and with high necked, ankle length flannel gowns and bed-caps on.....Even you guys....... and maybe they'll say, in addition to the gown and bed-cap, MEN have to wear 6 inch RED stilettos and pressed powder make-up, as well.
Sexy huh? NOT!!!!

Same Concept.
They have No RIGHT.


Paulius said...

Ok, take a deep breath, you're starting to sound like me.

The point this guy or gal was making was that if you spend the cash and improve your home to where it's worth significantly more than all your neighbors, it's not a good investment because even though your house is WORTH more, you're not going to get more if you try to sell it.

IE, if a 3 bedroom house on that street goes for an average of 350,000, that's all your 3 bedroom house is going to go for, even it it's worth 400,000.

The vast majority of people treat their home as an investment. Few people (especially people in the home improvement biz) actually treat them as a place they want to live in forever.

Anonymous said...

LOL- well, we all have our moments and this particular topic just p'd me off.