Friday, October 02, 2009

Over The River & Thru The Woods......Remember that Thanksgiving song?

Just a reminder since the holidays are on the way.......

Last year we had a big Halloween Costume party here at mine and Pauls home for the entire family- adults and kids alike.

Then, I made Thanksgiving dinner and had the whole family over. We had a big Pork Roast and lots of different dishes with just a FEW select things we usually have on T-Day.
The reason we had Pork instead of Turkey was because since coming over from England, my husband has done things by MY family's traditions. Traditional Turkey Dinner for Thanksgiving and then a Christmas Day Brunch with scrambled eggs, country ham, bacon, sausage, home-made biscuits, Hash brown casserole and orange danish rolls.*Sighs*
So last year, we had the Halloween party, then something totally different for Thanksgiving Dinner- and then, just for my darling husband, I made a full out Christmas Dinner with Roast Turkey, Baked Ham, Yorkshire Pudding, Mince Pies, PLUS all the regular favorites from our normal Thanksgiving Dinner. And we invited everyone over for Christmas Dinner as well.

Unfortunately, my darling husband was sick as the proverbial dog that day and so got to enjoy not an iota of the "specially made for him" Christmas dinner. We were BOTH devastated, to say the least.

The rest of the family felt bad for him, but they enjoyed the meal, nonetheless, all enjoying the change of the menus.
They were very verbal about it.

Paul and I had planned to be in England this year for the Christmas Holiday visiting with HIS family, (which due to my and his recent health issues and the car problems ,WON'T be happening this year), so when they were raving about how great the get togethers had been, I told them I was GLAD they had enjoyed them so much, because since Paul and I were planning on being with his family for Christmas in 2009- I was going take a break and let THEM do the Thanksgiving Dinner next year.
The looks I got was "Deer In The Headlamps".
And it's now 2009...THE Year!!!

Now I will, probably, be bringing a dish or two to the dinner(I understand some things only mama can make or it's just not right)....but I was serious about letting them plan it and cook it this year. I'm looking forward to seeing what new ideas(or old ones) they bring into or incorporate into the mix. I think they are, not scared to death, but nervous about it....but they can do it...I have faith.

(So, my children, just a case you have forgotten.... Basic things you need to plan are...
Where it will be, who will cook what, and who's invited.
It's not gonna be that hard with all six of you involved.
I Love you. Good Luck. I have faith in you........ And I am looking forward to it!!)


goo said...

Oh dear god you were SERIOUS!!!I cant cook thanksgiving dinner!(frantically dialing Julies number) Whats Paul gonna shoot santa?

Sunny said...

Well, DUH!!!!!!
LOl-y'all will be fine.

Y'all know you can ask for any recipes you want.... and ya'll can make it as simple as you like's all in your hands!!!