Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life Goes On.....................And Parrots.

I have a lot weighing on my mind today.

I have a friend who means a lot to me and has a couple of problems and has asked for advice. I'm mulling over possible solutions and I just don't see anything viable I can offer. I can't divulge the nature of the problem, but for all my problem solving abilities I see nothing but trouble in the future for this person. Wheels have been set in motion that have no brakes and it's breaking my heart to see this happen.

I wish I could make the world a perfect place for everyone. I wish I could take away all the hurt, and anger, and wrong that's being done. I wish I could erase all the pain and hunger, and loss that is occurring in the entire world......I know I can't- But I wish I could. Nothing would make me happier.

.....why are some people so susceptible to others opinions and views? They are so easily swayed by whoever's presence they are in at the moment. They can't form an opinion of their own, they go with peer pressure. And they seem to gather others like them who all just feed off each other....until in the end- no one says what's really on their mind- they are just parroting whatever they have heard others convey which was just parroted from someone else.

I just don't get it.

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