Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big Ole Bowl Of Awesomeness!!!

Have I mentioned how totally Wonderful and Awesome my husband is?

I won't go into his LATEST reason for being so awesome- but it's a really good one.

He's, like, a 28, at LEAST.

Apple Season!!!!!

I tried out THIS recipe today.

Surprisingly, it didn't turn out the way I thought it would- a first for any recipe I have tried from Southern Plate and Christy.

I have a whole list of cakes I make every year and this is the first ever cake recipe I have seen with apples in it. I had hoped to add it to my Cake List for this holiday season, but as it stands, it didn't quite measure up to my standards.(Sorry, Christy- but as I said- it's definitely a FIRST!)

What was wrong with it, you ask?...

The cake was a bit too oily tasting and the sauce was too buttery. I'm going to have to tweak it a bit and make it with a bit less oil in the cake and then work the sauce so it tastes a bit more like caramel sauce to go with the apples in the cake.

GREAT idea....... it just needs a bit of tweaking.
I'll post a revised Recipe when it's tweaked to Perfection for me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Water-Works.....The Movie- Part XXXIVII

The Nightmare Returns....................STUPID FREAKING/LEAKING ROOF!!!!!!!
I'll bet if I blew a freaking hole in it with the damn shotgun it would REALLY leak.
I hate that effing house.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Into The Wild......

Paul and I watched "Into The Wild" last night. It was supposed to be a movie about a boy who left home to life live in the wilds of Alaska. OMG- As usual, I picked the movie, and it was crap.
And by it was crap, I don't mean it was crap, I mean it was C-R-A-P.
The music sucked, the plot(or lack of a plot) sucked, and the acting sucked.

The only thing good about the movie?....There was a BEAR!!!!!!! BIG BEAR!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weight Of The World......

I know I take some things too personally. Sometimes it feels like I have the entire weight of the world on my shoulders. I see something that needs fixing- some injustice being done, something that someone can't help and I just want to make it better for them.
I can't help it.
Maybe it's just the way I was brought up. Maybe it's because I was done wrong on so much in my life. Maybe I just have too soft a heart to see anyone in pain or suffering and not try to do something to make it a bit easier on them. I don't know.
But what I DO know is this.
If I turn my back on someone in need- how can I live with myself or expect any help from anyone when I am in need and asking for help? And I am in need much more often than I would like to think. I just can't stand by and see someone I care about suffering, be it a relative, or a friend.......and sometimes even a stranger. It just breaks my heart....... it just breaks my heart............. I tend to put myself in their shoes, many times because I've actually BEEN in their situation. I can vividly remember the hurt, the pain, the humiliation. It never goes away. EVER.

People say just walk away from it. Don't think about everyone else that needs help, think about Sunny for a change. My question is how? When it's people you love and care about, how do you just turn those people out of your mind? How do you choose who to put out of your mind? Why would you even want to turn your back on them?

Let them fend for themselves? Easier said than done.
Sorry, no can do.

I wish I could win the lottery....maybe money doesn't buy you Happiness, but it would go a LONG way in making some of the UNHAPPINESS go away!!

I'll just be glad when everything finally smooths out and returns to normal for everyone......whatever that is.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Here I Sit..... 4 AM with the mother of all headaches. Not able to sleep for fear of either the headache getting worse, or of having terrifying dreams. Bored out of my mind but needing to get sleep and rest before I head back to work for a long weekend.
I detest Stress.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Paul and I played a game he got for me/us called PuzzleQuest. It is awesome altho I'm still kinda sucky at it. I only won 3 times to his 15, but I'll get better.

I tried playing HALO with him too, but after only a few minutes with the double screen and all the motion going on I got a bit nauseous, same as I did watching The Blair Witch Project. Does this happen with everyone? And if so is it something you eventually can overcome or get used to?
I hope so cause I like playing games with him, altho I'm nowhere near the hardcore "Gamer" he is.

We also got our living room back yesterday. Now that the weather is cooling off a bit, we can start sleeping in our bedroom again. We were sleeping temporarily in the living room since it's the only room in the house with A/C. Now we have a living room floor and room to walk again.

It was a fun weekend.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To Whom It May Concern........

I have your animals.....If you ever want to see them again, do EXACTLY as this note demands.
Leave a brown paper bag with 5.3 Million dollars in unmarked 20 dollar bills inside the big tractor mailbox to the Old Bridwell Farmhouse that's not there anymore.
Do not attempt to involve the police or you will never see them again....I swear.
You have 6 hours.
Their fate is in your hands.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Marriage......American Style?

Listening to the radio today on my way to work I overheard this comment....."I'm going to get married....sometime soon. There comes a time, by a certain age, that if you're not married it's just weird."

Maybe THIS kind of thinking is the reason we have such a high divorce rate in our country. I don't care how "WEIRD" it is at a certain age, you don't get married unless you LOVE a person. You don't just go out looking because of how it looks to NOT be married. Or because of what other people dictate as the "right age" to get married.

I'd rather be a perpetual bachelor-ette than be married to the wrong person. Geeze, married life is hard enough when two people absolutely love and adore each other- let alone just being together because they could stand living with each other and was of a certain "Age" that it looks weird if they weren't married to SOMEONE.

Someone needs a reality check.

Altho I think he and his "certain age" other will get a HUGE dose of THAT when they finally manage to get together.

What a STUPID way to think.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Oh YUM!!!

Today my darling hubby is making me my fav ....Curry with mince. As in Ground Beef Curry.

CANNOT WAIT!!! And yes- it's allowed on my diet. Full of Green peppers, Mushrooms, onions.....all manner of yummy veggies!!!!

Sweet Mother Of Gawd.........

I went on a new diet today.
Since I was hospitalized last year with that kidney infection, I've gained all the weight back that I had lost...all 39 pounds of it.
Ive been scared to death to diet again because the diet I was on last time was too high in protein for it to be good my my diabetes-especially coupled with the kidney infection, too. I don't know why-And I didn't know it then either...... the doc explained it to me but as usual I lost the explanation about 45 seconds after they were finished explaining it. Suffice it to say I understood for long enough to retain the outcome and remember not to DO that again.

I've been searching for a more balanced diet- something that will be not so stringent and allow me to lose the weight sensibly.
I started the South beach diet this morning. There is a VERY strict 2 week Phase One, before beginning adding back some carbs and sugars into my diet again....SLOWLY.

They said in the book that if you follow it, you won't even notice the lack of bread, pasta, sugar, cookies, cakes, sodas, cereal & fruits for that two weeks.

Well, I don't know about the rest of the two weeks, but today has been absolute HELL for me. I'm Jonesing for carbs so bad right now I have the shakes. This is WAY worse than when I quit smoking. Not even CLOSE!

I can only hope it gets better tomorrow. One day down.........100 pounds to go.
(Pray for Paul.)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Since WHEN..........?

Can you believe that some schools in this area are actually sending home Parental PERMISSION SLIPS to be signed before their kids can watch the Obama address to students? Is this just a local thing that's happening or is it happening across the nation as well?

Since when do we NOT give the leader of our nation the respect to actually LISTEN to what he has to say when he addresses us?

Who changed the effing rules with President Obama and exactly WHY the fuck did they change policy NOW?????
I don't like this AT ALL!!!!! It's REALLY pissing me OFF!!!! What a bunch of close-minded, bigoted ASSHOLES.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

What's YOUR Plan?

Today one of my blogger friends wrote a post about her hubby and brother and....well, read it for yourself HERE.

I read it to PAULIUS during our lunch and I think he said it best.
"You Women plan your whole lives for the perfect wedding- men spend their whole lives planning the perfect plan of attack for the Zombie Apocolypse. There probably isn't a man under the age of 40 who doesn't think he has the perfect plan for it. And in all seriousness- isn't somewhat looking forward to it."

He doesn't agree with my friends husbands plan of action, however.
Do YOU have a plan? I do- it's to stay behind Paulius and have LOTS of AMMO for the shotgun.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Well, I ate NO chocolate last night before going to bed and I still had those horrible weird dreams.........

Wonder what's causing them? And how do I stop them?

Ugh- Talk about unrestful sleep!!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

MT Fury.....

Well, I went out and looked my bike(as in bicycle) over today. Put some air in the tires, checked the gears, brakes, chain, etc........
The tires seem to be fine altho if I'm gonna be riding it much I'll definitely be replacing them too. The gears are good altho the chain needs a bit of lubrication, the back brake needs replacing and the front brakes need adjusting just a bit. I will need to replace the pedals too at some point in the near future.
I haven't been on it in nearly three years for first one reason and then the other. But with cooler weather on the way I thought maybe I would give her another try soon.I didn't spend over a hundred bucks for her to rust away in the storage building, now did I?
I know Paul and I tried them out when we first bought them, but mine had a warped rim on it then and it wobbled so badly I was scared to get over 5 mph ....Paul didn't/doesn't believe that a little thing like a warped FRONT rim would make that big a difference - but it did to me. It scared the CRAP out of me on the downhills.
Anybody out there bike and wanna give me some pointers- other start off slow and don't bite off more than I can chew in the beginning? Been there- done that already.... learned my lesson. A twenty mile ride is nothing to try when you haven't been on a bike in over 20 years. You'll get about 2 miles down the road and turn right around.
I've read some reviews online about the Mt Fury, but all of the bad ones seemed to be Adverts for OTHER types of I took them with a grain of salt, so to speak.

Damnation, I wish we had a motorcycle instead of a couple of bicycles.
(BTW- if you look to the right>>>>> you'll see that my Christmas Countdown is back towards the top again...only 113 days left til CHRISTMAS!!!!)


I think I got spoiled to sleeping all I wanted last week when I was on vacation.

Not a good thing. I don't wanna sleep my days off away.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Shouldn't Have Done That.

Tonight I've been sick as a dog. Came into work- felt fine til I ate some extra dark, extra rich chocolate Birthday cake a co-worker brought me and another co-worker. Rest of tonight I've been back and forth from the office to the restroom alternating between feeling like I'm about to throw up to being close to passing out. It's dang near took my head off with my blood sugar rising so high. I won't be doing THAT again anytime soon.

Good thing I have a couple days off to recuperate. (That was a BIG word).....Uh oh...Gotta run.