Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I read this question on a meme on Silver Creek Musings blog.

Thought I would borrow it and get to know you guys better!

It's simple...List all the cars you've owned.......

My List...
*65 Mustang-Black Hardtop(my first car and I LOVED it, but tore 4 trannies out of it in 3 months)
*Unknown year Bel-Aire- turquiose(my papa gave it to me)
*60-something El Camino-red
*62 Ford Fairlane-white 4 door
*67 Chevy Impala- light yellow
*72 Dodge Challenger- /Silver-Grey with black stripes. My favorite car of all the ones I have EVER owned. It had a 318 motor in it and had a low thunder rumble that sounded SOOOOOO sweet! I miss that car!!
*79 Cutlass Supreme- light blue
*79 Toyota Celica- white
*80 MGB Ltd.-Black with grey stripes, convertable.
*94 Dodge Neon- white 4 door
*87 Le Baron- Navy blue
* 94 Ford Aspire

I hope my next vehicle will be a big old double doolie(I KNOW it's spelled wrong, but I spell it the way I say it in this case)crew-cab pick-em up truck!!

Whoo hoo- how Redneck is THAT?????


topcat99 said...

1970 VW Beetle! - beige...loved that little bug
1969 VW wagon - light blue
followed by:
80 something Nissan Sentra wagon
1990 Plymouth Acclaim - burgundy
1997 Dodge Intrepid - dark red
2003 Dode Intrepid - graphite gray
Would love to have another VW bug or a PT Cruiser which looks like a VW on steroids!

Sunny said...

Oh my gosh- you reminded me Topcat- add a 62 VW beetle-Red to that list of mine.

Lois said...

My first car was a bit embarrassing ...
a white 62 Rambler followed by
a pea green 69 Cutlass Supreme
an unknown year yellow Dodge Aspen which was Bob's car when I met him
an unknown year copper Toyota Corolla with a sporty vinyl roof that leaked
1988 Bonneville LE, candy apple red, ordered from the factory (yum!)
2000 white Bonneville
Love them Bonnevilles!

I don't know what I'll do next time I need a car since they're not gonna make Bonnevilles anymore. I'm pretty spoiled having the radio controls in my steering wheel since 1988!

MC Etcher said...

1981 Honda Accord
1992 Dodge Shadow
1991 Toyota Pickup
1997 Ford Escort