Monday, January 16, 2006

What A Weekend!!

Nothing special happened- and at the same time it was just FANTASTIC!

No stresses, no headaches, no running around like I normally do.

This weekend it was all about R & R.

I slept when I wanted. I got up when I wanted. I ate when I wanted(if I wanted). I read a book. I watched a couple movies I have been wanting to see. I watched a couple of comedies with Paulius he has been wanting me to test-drive. And I watched the Panther-Bears game on TV.

(Congrats PANTHERS on going to Seattle next week for the next leg of the playoffs!!!!)
I'll be having a Super-Bowl party if they make it to the S-Bowl.

All in all- it was a fantastic couple of days!

Now it's back to the grindstone- and scouring the classifieds for job opportunities. I am determined to find something better. There HAS to be something out there. There HAS to be!!!!

I actually found a year-round Christmas Shoppe in town over the holidays! Maybe I'll try for a job there! Like a kid in a candy shoppe I would be!!!!

I'm such a happy bunny right now!


Now a couple of other things......

I totally understand about your decision. I kinda saw it coming way back when you were separated from your family for those weeks. You really missed them and we can tell you are first and foremost a family-man. I'll miss your blog- the funny stories and the pics of the family- but so be it. I'll look forward to seeing you stop by and comment here when you get a chance.
Wishing you the BEST!!!!

Hope everything is okay there...haven't heard from you in a while and miss ya!!!

Cindy-Yep- looking for another job. I am sick to death of law Enforcement in EVERY sense of the word. It was bearable til last week- and again today. last week was the check deal- this morning I went in and I have to stay inside the building every morning instead of getting a break and going to the parking-lot to monitor safety of the employees walking in every morning. No fresh air now. just DULL, DULL, BORING lobby-work with all those sick, germy people coughing and sneezing all over everything.
I'll be wearing latex gloves and a face mask all the time now.


I reckon that's all for now.........don't be surprised if I remember something else in an hour and post again, tho.
I seem to have acquired a nasty case of CRS lately.

And it's NOT old age creeping up on me either, thank you VERY much!!


Later y'all!!!!


MC Etcher said...

As I like to remind Cindy, there are millions of jobs out there!

If you look, you'll find a better one! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the job hunt. I know you can find something you will enjoy better!

Lois said...

Hey Sunny!
All is well here ... just a three day weekend with Bob home barking "we need to get some things done around here!" :P

I saw the last of the Panthers game and woohooed on your behalf. I hope they make it all the way!

Happy you had a nice weekend. Talk with you soonest!