Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Okay, Here's The Deal........

Every day I go to work and am at a job I hate for 8 hours.

Even tho I despise the job I am doing, I realise that it is a job that needs to be done and I am good at it. So I go.

I am not paid nearly enough for the crap I have to put up with but I am there every night,(unless I have a KILLER migraine- maybe 4 times a year), and what's more- I get there on TIME. Usually a few minutes BEFORE the time I am REQUIRED to be there. And I stay there. I don't go off-site for my lunch hour, I don't go pay bills during my shift, nor do I have people there "visiting" me and disrupting the routine and schedule.

So WHY THE F*** can those people I work for not get me my paycheck when I am supposed to get it?

I just don't understand it. Okay, the last two weeks I could see it being late with the holidays falling on the weekend and the banks and the USPS being shut down for an extra day. But not this week.

Let's play by the RULES people- and how about ONE SET of rules- not rules for us and OTHER rules for the company. If i have to be on time and at work every day- the pay me on time.

Nothing pisses me off more than to bust my ass for a long week doing something I hate and then not have anything to show for it on the day I SHOULD receive at least a token of appreciation.

I know I resolved not to get so stressed out about stuff like this this year, but DAMMITT!!!!!!

M&#^#*)@)@(@( S###&)($*$*$ *$ C)@(@* $**$) C#&$@*#&@*@ B@$#@)#s!!!!!!!!

Okay, I feel slightly better now. Ignore the 3 mile wide crater I just created.


Lisa said...

Hey, as long as digging that crater made you feel better!

I have that same frustration at work sometimes. I'm expected to meet certain deadlines and guidelines, but there has been many a time when my employer has dropped the ball!! GRRRRRRR!!!!

OzzyC said...

Do they offer direct deposit?

Have you requested that they cancel the first check and issue a second that you can physically pick up in the office?