Sunday, January 01, 2006

Another Year Gone.....

And another to take it's place.

All bright, new and shiney as a new copper penny!

Just think of all the possibilities for the New Year- ANYTHING is possible!!
I could get a fantastic new job that I love-
or I could win that lottery after all.

Possibly move into a new house- or to a new state- or country even!

I could change my hair color(I always wanted to be a RED-head!!)
I could lose that weight I've been trying to lose....(or I could gain a few more pounds if I don't watch out!~Shudder!!!~)

I could get a new car- and go on a fantabulous vacation- or two!!

Oh, I can't WAIT to get started and see what happens!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!


Paulius said...

If you think that after all the shit I went through to move to THIS country, that we're upping and leaving to another one before this year's've got another thing coming.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Paul and Sunny! Hope 2006 treats you kindly.

Sunny said...

Yeah- I agree- but as slowly as the paperwork is going here- you may end up going back there until they DO get it straight. And I'm coming WITH you if THAT happens.

Thanks Sweetie- and to you and Allen as well. I keep hoping we can get together for lunch/dinner sometime- but life keeps getting in the way!! HUGS!!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

BOY aren't you just Mary Sunshine! Full of Birght sun Shinny days and optismiusm. YEAH! We need more like you. Paulius...Get adventuerous!

Happy New year you two!

Come to MY country we don't bite really we don't.


Sunny said...

Yep that's me- little mary sunshine.....thus the nickname Sunny

I try to be an optimist. This past year has tried me sorely and I'm afraid I let myself get depressed quite a bit during all that has been going on last year. But this is another year...all bright with endless possibilities.

It's MY year, alright!!!!