Thursday, December 29, 2005

SEVEN THINGS- Tagged By Serendipity!!

Seven things I want to do before I die-
1)lose all the weight I've gained
2)visit another country
3)let my hair grow back out long again
4)have someone throw a huge suprise birthday party for me(and NOT let me find out about it)
5)own my own home
6)be able to quit my job
7)have a picture taken of me that I am actually proud of

Seven things I can't do-
1)read without my glasses
2)drive at night
3)walk past a crooked picture without straightening it
4)listen to rap music for more than twenty seconds at a stretch
5)sit for more than three minutes without talking about something
6)stop my PMS
7)stop eating chocolate- if it's there I HAVE to at least taste it.

Seven things I say most often-
1)I love you Paulius!!!!
2)I wish I didn't have to go to work tonight.....SIGH......
3)I don't THINK so!
5)But I WANT to!
6)Why NOT?
7) DAMMITT!!!!!Where the bloody HELL are my f-ing KEYS NOW?????

Seven books I love-
1)The Harvester
2)A Woman Of Substance
3)Rage of Angels
4)Harry Potter Series
5)Highland Warrior
6)"Key of" series by Nora Roberts
7)"The Cat Who" series by Lillian Jackson-Braun

Seven movies I can watch over and over-
1)Dirty Dancing
2)The Full Monty
3)Harry Potter
4)White Christmas
5) Home Alone
6)It's a Wonderful Life
7)Toy Story

Seven TV shows I love-
2)Wheel Of Fortune
4)Who Wants to Be A Millionaire
5)Fear Factor
6) CSI-Las Vegas

Seven places I've been-
1)Charleston SC
3)Leesburg Virginia
4)Cinncinatti Ohio
5)Detroit Michigan
6)Ashville NC
7)Pensocola Florida

Seven people I would have loved to have met-
1)Amelia Earheart
2)Mark Twain
3)John Candy
4)My great-great grandmother-Lilli Texanna McCall
5)Marilyn Monroe
6) Jackie O


MC Etcher said...
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Sunny said...


MC Etcher said...
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MC Etcher said...
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Lois said...

Just read MC's post about Pet Peeve Restraining Orders. Do you think Cindy will take one out on him for calling her Michelle? Hmmm?

Happy New Year Sunny and Paulius!

Lisa said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Sunny said...

Hmmmmm..... Lois- I don't know- but seeing as how some comments are missing now- I'm leaning towards Michelle as an old flame.

MC, be careful about that!!