Friday, December 23, 2005

And You Thought MC Etcher Was Bad......

Okay- I thought I would PROVE to MC he isn't alone with his......insanity.

I work at night- alone- no video equipment spying so I can pretty much do alot of nutty stuff and get by with it as long as my work is done on time.

I have all the automatic timed doors and elevator times down to a science on opening and closing- so I pretty much spend the whole night walking around and doing the Jedi Mind-Trick on all the doors and elevators. (I would LOVE to be able to do that in real life. That would just be THE BOMB!!)

Trouble is- last night I did it on my office chair in the reception area as I came back from a tour of the facilities- and it moved about an inch- and I was a good twenty feet away from it.

It's not near a door or a draft- so unless we had a small undetectable earthquake- something else was going on.

Can it be that practicing so much has actually increased my psychic powers?

GOD I HOPE SO!!! I could have ALOT of fun with THAT power!!

1 comment:

MC Etcher said...

You know, from time to time I try to move things with my mind - I mean, what if we can do it, but we never really try?

PS: You and I are not crazy!