Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pulling A Monica......?

Well, here I am again, Sunday(oops- Saturday) morning, waiting for everyone else to get up so I have someone to talk to/annoy...whatever.

I got up fully intending to clean the kitchen properly. You know- wipe all the cabinets, clean the stove and oven. Wipe out the fridge, vacuum the floor and wipe everything down. Then make a big breakfast and a pot of coffee and enjoy the rest of the day.

Well, I got up, cleared out the sink and then started on the stove. I got it done- all vacuumed out and sprayed down and wiped up. Clean as a whistle and smells divine!! Then I vacuumed the floor. I had done that last night but when you wipe out the cabinets and clean the stove you HAVE to vacuum and sweep again. Right?

I also am trying to put off doing the dishes as long as I possibly can. I HATE doing the dishes. I have a dishwasher- but alas, it seems to have gone bad on me. I can rinse the dishes, put them in the DW, turn it on, and when it's finished the dishes are worse than when they went in. Seriously. I tried cleaning the filter and the hoses and everything- Changed the detergent I was using in it and nothing helped. So I just wash the dishes by hand now. And as I said- I DETEST doing that job.
Paulius tried to wash them on many occasions, but it's one job I am absolutely ANAL about. I have to have a sinkful of HOT sudsy water to wash them in, and cold running water to rinse them in so they come out all sparkling clean. I can't rinse them in a sinkful of water- it has to be running water. I got food poisoning once and ever since I have been like that about kitchens and dishes. I also have a certificate in Culinary Arts and that was a whole quarter of book-learning; food poisoning, bacteria, all sorts of gross stuff that STUCK in my mind. I also had a bad experience with someone- (not Paulius)- who washed a glass with DAWN dish detergent on a dishcloth instead of in a sink of water and didn't rinse it properly. They poured me a glass of Pepsi and the tiny bit of detergent not rinsed off went in my mouth and down my tummy and I swear I was sick as a dog for four days. I couldn't eat- couldn't drink- and I tasted that stuff constantly for a month after that! So, yeah- I'll admit I'm anal about how my dishes are done.

And, yeah, I'm doing this so I can put it off for another 30 minutes or so.
(Aren't I the wily one?)

Another thing I am abit strange about is bed-making. I have to have the sheets straight. They have to be even all around. They have to be tucked at the bottom and they HAVE to have ALL the wrinkles smoothed out before the rest of the bedclothes go on the bed. There is a perfectly VALID explanation for this behavior tho. I must be a princess. If there is even ONE SINGLE wrinkle in the sheets, I have to get up(and make Paulius get up too) and smooth them out. They HURT me. Seriously- I am NOT joking. If I sleep on a wrinkled sheet- I wake up feeling like I have been sleeping on a field of sticks and stones all night. I have actually gotten a bruise a couple times where I lay in a wrinkled blanket when I was taking a nap.
I'm not a bit finicky about making the bed every morning as soon as we get up tho. I DO have to make it up all neat before I go back to bed, however.

I have a thing about ashtrays, as well. I rarely smoke- and if I do- I don't mind emptying the ashtrays. But if I am not smoking, I don't feel it's MY place to empty them. And for God's sake, don't leave them laying on the arm of a chair to be knocked off. Put them on a table-AFTER you empty them, of course. Nobody wants to smell a stale ashtray. Not even smokers.

In my house, if you trim your beard and/or mustache in the sink or if you shave- how about wiping the counter and sink out? And if you are a female and you shave your legs- or other parts- rinse the damn tub out! I don't wanna have to clean up your coochie and/or leg hair from my bathroom.

I love that my Paulius helps out around the house. I've never had anyone besides my boys do that.(I raised them so they could cook and clean by the time they were 8 years old- and their wives THANK me for it) I think the best part of him helping out is the time we spend together when we do the chores together, tho. It makes time go by so much faster and then we have time for other FUN things. Pulling a Monica isn't always a BAD thing.


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