Saturday, December 10, 2005

Feeling a BIT better....Except for the Fat Lip and Sprained Wrist.

Yeah- I do. Only a bit of a sore throat this morning.....
and a busted lip-
and a mildly sprained wrist,
and a skinned knee.
(I had forgotten how much those HURT.)

See, I had a bit of an accident at work last night......well, more like this morning very early.

I went to work doing a bit of field work at the hospital last night at midnight. I told my boss that if he was going to send someone home at 0600 ,as is his habit sometimes, I wanted to volunteer as I wasn't feeling quite up to par, still.

So him being the nice guy he is, let me clock out at about 0630 after the second Lifereach Helicopter had taken back off. I clocked out, then headed up the main entrance drive to go to my car when a car came DOWN the drive and flashed it's high-beams directly into my eyes. I am night-blind anyway- and that just completely disoriented me and I turned my head quickly, got dizzy and almost passed out. At the same time I realized that being dressed in black (Our uniform trenchcoat color) was not a good thing and knew the car might not be able to see me in the drive as it came round the corner again, so I tried to step onto the grassy part of the drive so if I did pass out completely I wouldn't be laying in the middle of the road looking like a lump of tar-paper and get ran over. However, I was sufficently disoriented enough to have completely forgotten about the new curbing they had installed since I was there last week and caught my boot on it and fell flat on my face and wrist.

Luckily, I fell far enough onto the grassy part that the car missed me as it came round the second curve of the drive. They didn't even see me there in the grass.

I lay there stunned for a minute or so, and then slowly got up, feeling my fat lip, checking for loose teeth, flowing blood and flexing my wrist to see if I needed to go to the Emergency Room. Luckily, I wasn't that badly hurt and rather than report it to my supervisor, (I was off the clock, after all) and have to stay and write up an hours report AND go for a required exam in the ER to make sure I was okay,(taking at least three hours- remember we had just had TWO helicopters come in and another was due any minute), I just dusted myself off and highed myself on home.

I came in, went to sleep and am a bit sore, but much less worse for wear than I thought I might be.

Next time, I think, instead of walking I'll wait on the Mobile Officer to come give me a ride to my car. Knowing me I'll probally trip on a shoelace and fall out of the mobile van onto my face on the asphalt parking lot, tho.

Some days it just doesn't pay to get up early.

And how was YOUR day?????


Vicarious Living said...

Oh, that sucks! Glad it wasn't worse, hope it gets better.

Lisa said...

You poor thing! Maybe you just need to stay in bed for a few days, where its nice and safe!! :-)

MC Etcher said...

Wow that's awful! Hope you feel better soon!

Pete said...

I'm glad your OK and feeling better! :)