Sunday, December 18, 2005

Next Year.......

it'll be different.

I swear.

I am NOT having a good week- no- make that MONTH.

Just to not have to go into details-(I know you guys are busy this week)

Ice storm-
Not got all shopping done-
Missed two days work due to ice storm- therefore may not have FUNDS to make all bills this week- or finish shopping-
Auntie Flo is supposed to visit any day- and is LATE. Either way makes it SUCK.

Next year- ALL shopping will be FINISHED by Thanksgiving Day. No ifs, ands, or buts.

I hate this.

Maybe I'm just feeling this way because I'm missing my dad. I just haven't been able to get it together this year to take care of all these usually fun things. I haven't felt like shopping, I haven't felt like baking- I haven't felt like decorating much either. I want to- but it just seems that everything has went wrong this holiday time.

I have faith it will be better next year, tho.
I just have to actually believe it and make it happen.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,
What a freak storm that was. My Mom and my sis still have no power. Ours came back on Friday night, but just now got cable and internet back. Had to work anyway despite the storm, still madly trying to decorate, shop, clean, etc. Each year I promise I will do better....each year it is the same mad dash. We will get through it, and somehow it will be good. Cherish the memories of Christmas with your dad. He would not want you to be all sad. Hang in there kiddo. :)

OzzyC said...

If this year sucks, then next year has to be better, right?

Lois said...

Hey Girl,
Now I really feel guilty about not getting your Christmas present shipped ... yet. Tomorrow for sure. You won't mind if it's late, will you? Let's call it a New Year's present and then it'll be EARLY. LOL!!!

Next year will be better, Sweetie. Hang in there.

Sending hugs from afar,

Silver Creek Mom said...

Hang IN There Sunny....Things are abound to get better. Think about what you do have.... Paulis!
Your KIDS And theirs!

And US!

Merry Christmas dear!