Sunday, December 04, 2005

That does it-

After all that walking and climbing stairs and sweating at work for the past two months- I gained 8-yes EIGHT- pounds (of the 20 I had lost during the 2 months) back over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Midnight tonight I am going back on the diet full speed ahead.

This really sux.





OzzyC said...

Okay, but is it eight pounds of fat, or is it eight pounds of muscle mass? All of that extra walking should bring muscle.

MC Etcher said...

We're all in the same boat, don't beat yourself up too much!

We'll get back on track!

Silver Creek Mom said...

it's gotta be muscle Sunny. Don't worry about it. I put on 3 and I wear it was all the wood piling.


Sunny said...

Nope- Not muscle- I had LOST twenty pounds and have been walking the whole time. It only appeared after the three day period after T-giving. Might be part fluid retention- but it has to GO- I worked too hard getting it off.

I did real well last night tho- didn't drink a soda- only water at work. well I DID have one SMALL cup of coffee, but it had non-dairy creamer in it(only one packet) and NO sugar.

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!!

Lisa said...

you can do it! I'm right there with ya!!