Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's Broken- We Have To Take It Back.

My grandson, Devon, took some of his Christmas money and bought himself a Yo-yo.

He took it home, put the string on his finger and let it drop to the floor. He stood with his hand out looking at it as it rolled to a stop and declared,"It's broke. It doesn't work- we have to take it back."

I just think it needed new batteries.
Paulius says he just needed to update the drivers on it.



Only a week until we find out what the new baby my son, Frank, and DIL, Marie, are having will be.

It's a win-win situation for me, tho. If it's a boy- I get to name it-(Nicholas Braydon)- and if it's a girl- I get the grandaughter I want. Three grandsons with guns and footballs and video-games and GI Joes are great- but I want lacy socks and tea parties now.

If Marie gives me that granddaughter- I am getting her an opal necklace.(She LOVES opals).
If not, then my other son, Clayton, and his wife Kathy will have kids someday. They haven't been married but a bit over a year now and they are both very career-minded right now so we don't think they will have kids for a few more years, yet.

They could suprise us tho.


I can't wait til this weekend- Paulius and I are trying to keep it low-key this weekend. I am exhausted and need some R&R.


I will be so glad when the Super Bowl teams are decided! Are the Panthers still a contender? With my work schedule I haven't been able to keep up like I normally do.


I kinda like this new format I am using to blog. It's more like the way I think....sort of chaotic and all over the place.

Any thoughts on it?


MC Etcher said...

Good format! I like it.

Vicarious Living said...

It's like Sunny's Snippets!

And that was the cutest thing about the yo-yo!