Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Getting a A Grip on Gaming........And A NYR I Can Keep!

Whine, Whine, Whine.

People whining about gamers......

"I just don't understand about the gaming. It seems more addictive than crack cocaine...."


You know- I know a LOT about addictions- and if my husband is going to have an "addiction" or a "vice"- I would choose gaming ANYDAY over any of the others he could have.

Even if he games for 8 hours plus a day......

Just because other people don't do it seems to make it a BAD thing to them.

They need to just get a grip and leave us alone.


Speaking of gaming- Can any of you HARDCORE gamers give me a review of Gun?

I game for relaxation........an example: I played ZELDA-Ocarina of Time- just until I could get into the fishing pond. That's where I go now as soon as I turn the game on. I stay there a couple hours fishing. It's something to do that is relaxing to me and has a competition to it without having to do something that is a mission that will make me more frustrated and tense.

With that in mind- can y'all recommend another game that will relax me in the same manner?

I also like 007 games for the actual missions- you know for REAL fun but not relaxation.

Any comments will be most appreciated.


Have you thought of any New Years Resolutions?

I have, and it's very simple.

I resolve to try and live a more healthy and simple lifestyle in the coming year.

No unrealistic resolutions like I will become Barbie this year.
Just a simple promise to myself to try and do better.

That's all I can do anyway.

Speaking of which- I'm tired- I'm going to start my resolution early this year and go on to bed now.

Nighty- Night!


HouseBoatBuilder said...

New Years resolutions are over-rated.

MC Etcher said...

Stress relieving games... For a complete and total focus game, I like to play two side-by-side games of Tetris at the same time, controls set to WASD and 8456 (numberpad).

But I'm weird.

Paulius said...

Gun : Grand Theft Auto, set in the old west, but not as good. Controls on the PC version are a little convoluted. Game camera neads tweaking...but you get to shoot bandits in the face while on horseback...and rescue saloon-sluts.

Oh, and Etcher, I'm impressed.

Lisa said...

After many years of making and not keeping resolutions, my resolution now is usually not to make them. :-)

Vicarious Living said...

Gaming addiction is definitely better than the alternatives. Of course that's what I say about the 3 C's - Cake, Cookies, and Candy.

I have the same NYR - attainable and reasonable.