Thursday, December 01, 2005


How the heck are we supposed to lose weight in our society?

Have you tried lately?

I walk up and down 19 flights of steps every night- plus a quarter mile hike four times a night as well when I am working.

I have lost a grand total of 17 lbs since I went to work there two months ago. It should have been more.

I try to eat healthily. I bake my fries- I usually broil or bake meats- I DO have a sweet tooth- but even with that I try to limit how much I indulge(only time I REALLY give in is a couple days before Aunt Flo visits- minimal damage).

But to try and eat in public is hopeless.

Order at a restaurant and you get enough food for two people. I know you can eat half and take the rest home- or leave it on the plate...but WHY? I don't like warmed over food from a restaurant. I also don't like to waste food when there are so many people starving in the world- and besides- I don't wanna pay 12 bucks for a half serving of food and leave the rest either. I work too hard for my money to waste it like that. And we could share a plate- but Paulius and I don't always want the same thing to eat when we go out- he tends to like spicy foods and I go for a more bland type food- I have an ulcer and spicy foods double me over when I eat them.

Why the hell can't the food industry just serve NORMAL portions and decrease the price a bit?
Everyone would be happier,(except maybe the 600 lb people who think all that food is GOOD for them and would absolutely STARVE if they weren't served enough to feed a small nation at every meal), not to mention healthier. Even if they DIDN'T decrease the price- it would still be better for us because a) we wouldn't be eating those mega portions and all the fat and calories that go with them and b) we wouldn't eat out as much because it would be so expensive to do so,(which is exactly the reason that they don't want to do the sensible thing like normal prices and portions-everything has to be bigger and better than the competetions).

I can't even watch TV anymore without being bombarded with commercial after commercial after COMMERCIAL about food- every where I look its there- and turning the sound down doesn't help either- I can still see the cheese oozing all hot and steaming from the pizza slice as it's served up. I can still see the creamy chocolate dripping from the spoon as the ice cream sundae is gobbled up. I can still see the blissful expressions on the faces of the people eating the stuff too- and even tho I know they are actors- they are DAMN GOOD actors because I honestly want to run out and get some of the creamy, chewy, owwey gooey goodness they are having while I'm watching.

Looks like I am going to have to give up watching TV at ALL and give up going out to eat at all as well to be healthy again.

And sodas- Why in the world do they sell those things in twenty oz bottles? First they sold the little 7 oz bottles which were PERFECT for a person- Just enough unless you were DYING of thirst and then you were better off drinking water to satisfy your thirst. Then they upped the dosage to 10 ozs. a bit more- but still okay. Then it went to 12 ozs. Too much. I have a can of soda and a third of it is usually left and wasted. Can't cap it- it's a can. Looses the fizz and tastes like CRAP. ...Then the 16 oz came along. And the 20 oz.....GREAT- for two people- but if you are single- or driving along alone- who needs it? 16 ozs is enough for 2 and a HALF servings. No wonder we are so freaking FAT in this nation. They began making those little 10 oz bottles again for a while- but finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack- not everywhere will stock them. The two litres are fine if you are a family of six and the three litres are fine if you are having a party. But for normal people it's just TOO MUCH!! But we are tempted by the more is less pricing.

It just ALL pisses me off.

And now I have a headache to boot.

Dammitt. I can't win.


Vicarious Living said...

And the fact that a box of Little Debbies costs less than 2 apples? Yeah, that's just sad and wrong. I'm going to Hell for giving into Temptation. There's a special place for High Fructose Corn Syrup addicts, oh yeah.

Sunny said...

Oh yeah- i did forget to mention how inexpensive all that bad for you stuff is compared to good food-so to speak- didn't I?

Great point to make,Cindy!!

BTW- Can you save me a seat beside you on that bus to hell?

Lifetime member of the HFCS club here!!

MC Etcher said...

I agree with everything you said!

It's getting slightly better though - at least you find more healthy food offered, even if it is more expensive. I remember when 7-11 first got apples.

Sunny said...

Seven-Eleven has APPLES?

Maybe where you are- but here in the south- it's still the same old-same old. The only apples they have here are caramel or Candy covered apples.

Maybe they will have some soon!!

serendipity said...

I have the same struggles....Trying to eat healthily in a fast food society is a nightmare.

Lisa said...

You know what always takes care of a headache for me? A great big ol' 20 ounce Diet Pepsi... LOL!

I agree with all of your points, though. I think its silly how big portions have become.

I try to walk the stairs at work as well, but my work really believes in pushing food... its always a food day in some department, so my stair-walking hardly makes a dent.

And Sunny, I'd LOVE it if you'd add me to your fav links list. You've been on mine for quite some time, and I wasn't even polite enough to ask! lol...