Sunday, November 27, 2005

Two Questions......

I have a couple questions for y'all.

When do Christmas decorations go up at your house?
And Who usually puts up what?

Paulius and I are trying to compromise on this issue.

I have always started to put up my Christmas decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Sometimes even before then. It takes ME about two or three weeks to set up my house the way I want it- perfect. So I usually start dragging decorations out a couple weeks before Thanksgiving day. I start by putting up the beginnings of my Snow Village. Then T-G day i put up my tree to be decorated that night. Then for the next twoo weeks I finish it all.

Paulius comes from a household that puts the decorations up a week or so before Christmas day.

Our takes are as follows.....

Paul- Put everything up and out the week before Christmas- No sooner than Dec 15th. If you have it up longer than that it makes it LESS special.

Sunny- I have so much to put out and position that if I started a week before Christmas I wouldn't get it set up and finished before Christmas day. Let alone time to enjoy it- I would be frazzled.
Why put so much out and up, you might ask....well, because it's my favorite holiday and I love to decorate for it- I do almost nothing in the way of decorating for the rest of the year.

And besides- I am still a child when it comes to Christmas- the more colorful and glittery, the better. Not to mention BIGGER!! If it were up to me I would have a 15 foot tree every year- and I have enough ornaments to fill it up now.

I have a HUGE oversized chest with most of my christmas ornaments in it. last year I opened it up and Paul thought I was some sort of Pirate with a treasure chest. It really is pretty!!

Anyway, My idea of a compromise is this...

Put up the Artificial tree on Thanksgiving day.
Put up the Wreaths and/or Swags on the outside the following weekend.
Work on the Snow Village the first week in December.
Put out all the other decorations the next weekend.
Put up the Live tree on December 15th.

So, What do you think? Which is your vein of thinking when it comes to decorating?
And can you think of any other compromises?


OzzyC said...

I usually put the decorations up right after Thanksgiving. It's a family activity, so exactly when depends on what weekend I have the kids. This year, I have 'em this weekend, so it'll be this weekend that the decorations go up.

I leave 'em up long enough for it to have been worth it. The decorations don't go up before Thanksgiving, because I don't want to overshadow that holiday.

MC Etcher said...

Christmas decorations... Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I can see how starting on Thanksgiving Day makes a lot of sense.

Lisa said...

I think your compromise sounds great!

This year, for the first time ever, my kids and I put the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I've always wanted to do that, but my ex never wanted to.

And in the past I've always had a live tree, and its hard to have a live tree up that long without it becoming a major fire hazard!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I start about the mid of Nov to put up decoartaions the outside ones. And I slowly put up the rest. BUT they all come down on the 12th day of Christmas. My Hubby would keep the tree up all year if he could. LOL!

I do it all outside and in. Hubby has no time and I take my time. SO it's MOI and no one else.

Not much help am I

serendipity said...

I'm obviously crap! I don't put ANY decorations up. Last year I didn't even have a tree. This year I have a very small fibre optic tree that's about knee high - and thats only cos my Mum bought it for me.

I hate decorations - they gather dust and are a pain in the ass to put up and take down!

Mad Munkey said...

Decorations should go up the day after Thanksgiving and come down on New Years Day. Just my .02.