Friday, November 04, 2005

Short & Sweet

One Word.


One LAST word.



Casey said...

Sunny rhymes with funny, and if your name rhymes with a word, then it must be true. This blog made me laugh back. I had to check you to see you weren't lame, b/c I only want to be funny to cool people. If I ever saw you in real life, I would give you a high five. Be flattered, because that's the same promise I made for Will Ferrell. I also share an intense disliking for Fridays and advocate that they be abolished altogether to bring about Saturday quicker. Rock on with your kitties.

serendipity said...

Ahh fridays....the last day before the weekend...and in my case a day to be stood up! lol

Silver Creek Mom said...

Woman of few words.

What;'s up with that chickie? We're supposed to be woman of many many words.

I feel so let down.

Sunny said...

LOL- Everyone has an off day-

Let's just say a "relative" was visiting and when this aunt visits me- the first day is always tough.

I made up for it today.