Monday, November 21, 2005


I know we're all REALLY busy this week so I'll make this short and sweet.........

Turkey; Do you prefer:

Or Smoked?

Smoked is my favorite- but i usually end up roasting it because I dont have a smoker.


Lisa said...

I've never had fried but would love to try it. (No one I know is brave enough to cook it!)

I like smoked, but my favorite is good old-fashioned roasted!

Sunny said...

Owwww- you have got to at least TRY Deep Fried turkey.

The trick to making it is to NOT OVERFILL the vat with oil. There is a safety line that when you put it in- it doesn't look like nearly enough to cover the turkey- but believe me- it IS!

Lots of people actually set their home on fire in the past few years overfilling and then it sloshing over and catching stuff on fire.....Not to mentionhow many others burned themselves by DROPPING the turkey into the hot oil. You're meant to SLOWLY immerse it in the oil.

If you are going to Deep Fry a turkey, i would suggest putting a good bit of cajun seasoning under the skin before putting it in the oil to cook. The skin comes out all brown and spicy and crispy crackling brown. And the meat is all plump and all the juices are sealed in it.


Darn, Now I'm hungry

Silver Creek Mom said...

Roasted...All the way chickie!

Have great thanksgiving!

MC Etcher said...

Hmn, what is called when you put it in a plastic turkey cookin bag and put it in the oven? Does that count as roasting, or is that baking?

Smoked sounds good, but can the smoke really penetrate the big ole birds we use nowadays?

Sunny said...

Yes on BOTh counts MC..... I am so hungry.....think I can cook half the stuff today and not sneak a taste(plate) before tommorrow??


Vicarious Living said...

i don't think i've ever had smoked or fried, just the basic grandma's oven variety - still very tasty and i can't wait till tomorrow.