Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Guilt Trips

It's one of my pet peeves.

Why can't a person just ask for what they want rather than beating around the bush about it?

I need to know exactly what you need from me and I need to know when you need it.

I have so much to do and it drives me crazy to have someone make me feel guilty because I am not giving them the attention that they want when they won't tell me that they want it or need it.

Sometimes I get wrapped up and focused on my agenda and everything else just kind of fades into the background until I'm finished. If you need me before that time you literally have to turn me towards you and say so.

Is it a form of Adult ADD?

Maybe. But don't guilt trip me if you haven't asked for what you need.

And Nope- It's NOT Paulius I am talking about.

End Of Rant


MC Etcher said...

I think people use the guilt trip approach because it works so well.

Kids learn at an early age that guilt is an effective tool.

MC Etcher said...

Wow! I clicked on your link to Paulius and ended up at Amazing Bible Studies!

I was shocked, to say the least.

SquirrleyMojo said...

Oh My! We just talked about this in class--see Deborah Tannen.

It's about how girls and boys are segregated into same-sex play as children and learn completely different communication styles, then BAM, as adults they are suppose to "cross-culturally" communicate.

Fascinating. "She Says; He Says" is on video. Rent it today!

brought to you by your local public service announcer

Lisa said...

ROFL... honest to goodness I thought you were ranting about Paulius until I got to the "nope its not Paulius" part... lol...

(no offense Paulius! :-) )

Paulius said...

Grrrr, stoopid Christians.

Oldest trick on the internet. Find a site that already has traffic, then make a website with one letter missing or transposed.

I'll Sue! thebritinsc.blogPOT.com

(In case no one knows what I'm on about, read etchers second comment)

serendipity said...

I can do guilt trips very well....but I would much rather just ask. It's less effort and I like the easy life.

BTW, new Harry Potter film out soon........

Silver Creek Mom said...


I had to LOL when I read nope it's not Paulis ...I can't imagine him not askign for what he wants. Beating around the bush is not his style.

I used to tend to feel people out to find out if I should ask. Fear iof being regeted. BUT I'm much better now.

OzzyC said...

I don't give in to guilt even when people DO tell me what they want. If someone hints, I don't get it. If they ask and I can do it, I will. If they assume and I don't come through, that's their problem, not mine. I don't do guilt.

Paulius: Ironic that it's thebritinsc.blogpot.com... isn't "Blogpot" the wacky-tobaccy that one smokes when trying to come up with clever posts for their blog? Isn't that kind of counter to the Bible's teachings of treating your body like a temple.

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