Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My My 30 Minute Drive Home.

I listen to talk radio on the way home from work every morning. This is what I heard discussed on there this morning as Idrove home- along with what I thought about that is going on in my life at this time.

Radio-Clemson VS Carolina- last year it was tagged "FootBrawl" this year a ban was placed on the players shaking hands before or after the game It will not be permitted, however, in a show of solidarity the players and coaches have insisted on continuing the tradition, despite the ban.

ME- Owwwwww I hope Clemson wins again.......It was the Cocks fault last year the brawl started anyway. If they go against the ban they are gonna be in trouble........I wish it was gonna be broadcast on TV like it usually is. Pay-per-view has it.....for 84.99.....I DON'T think so.........who in their right mind would pay that to watch a game.

Radio- Just in- ESPN2 has just announced that they will broadcast the Clemson-Carolina game. After 45 minutes the rest of the country will be switched to another game but in the upstate, it will remain on the C/C game.

Me- Dammitt!!! I just went back to basic cable last week and now I don't have ESPN2. Why didn't I wait????!!!!! Oh well, there's always the SuperBowl.

Radio-In Britain, a woman has written a book claiming Teacher-Student relationships can have benefits since the charge and excitement of the affair can up the students scores in the class.

Me- What freaking morons.- Those kids are under age 18- still minors. Let them grow up to at least be able to drink, for Gods sake. Oh for crying out loud- move you ass lady. Get OFF the cellphone and turn. Pay attention!!Do not ride your brakes......the gas pedal is on the RIGHT!!!!! Don't make me jerk you out of that car. ..................Finally- all that makeup for going to the drive thru at the bank. Sheesh......

Radio-Should 14 year olds be allowed to date 18 year olds?

Me-I gotta figure out what I still need to buy for Thanksgiving Dinner. I need to call Clay and Kathy and find out if they are going to have to work- they should know by now.....wait- they spend Thanksgiving with her grandparents in Georgia if they aren't working. But they usually have a whole weekend and with his new job he may just have just that one day and they may not go to Georgia this year.........................................................................Better call and let them know when we are having dinner so if they don't go to Georgia and they want to they can come to the house. I wonder how many misplaced ones we'll have at dinner this year. It's been 10 years and so far every year we've had at least one or two extra. It's gonna be sad this year without Dad with us.................................I wonder if mom is serious about not doing anything for the holidays. Christmas i can understand since it was their anniversary day........50 years............I can't imagine how it would be to lose my husband after that long. It would be like I had died and only my ghost was here.......just going thru the motions..........Man................

Radio-Price gouging- do you think it was happening here in the upstate after the hurricane?

Me-I feel sorry for those people who lost everything during that storm.....but we have people here that are just as bad off- if not worse off. Why can't we take care of our own?They can spend millions helping Iraq rebuild but our own has to wait eons for relief. I wonder how many people are going to be able to have a decent meal on Thanksgiving................Speaking of- there is that regular guy who stands on the corner of this intersection every day with a "HOMELESS. PLEASE HELP" sign. Humph- hell, he's dressed nicer than me. If he put half as much effort into looking for an actual job as he does standing on that corner, he might be better off in the long run. But if he hasn't got a place to live, looking for a job wouldn't help him- no one will hire without a place of residence and a phone. Not even as a go-fer who just has to show up and isn't master carpenter.......... Why is life so damn complicated sometimes?

Radio- next hours topic-...........................................

(I don't know what it was- I turned it off. I sometimes think I actually Do have adult ADD.
Or maybe i just have a lot happening in my life right now.)

ME-I've got to decide what of my decorations I am going to put up for Christmas too..... I can do that this weekend tho. It shouldn't take THAT long.. Of course I am going to have to separate all the styles of village houses from each other and see where they would look best. I need to get a new power strip too. Power strip..............hmmmmmm.........I wonder if Walmart is open this time of morning.... I know the Superstore is- but that's way over on the other side of town. I wonder if the one here on the way home is... It's not holiday hours yet. I don't think they are and it's just far enough out of my way that it would just not be worth it to go by and see on the way home. Hmmmmmmm......... I wonder if Santa is at the Mall yet? He usually is here this time of year- but I'll bet it will be after Thanksgiving before he's there. I think that's right. I hope they have that cute house with all the elves and reindeer and snow this year. I wanna see if I can get all three of the grand-babies and take them up there and have their pictures taken with Santa. Hehehehehehe I'll bet Baby Scoob won't like Santa. That will be a great gift for the parents- a pic of all three of them together. the Three Musketeers. Ummmmmmmmmm....Three Musketeers..It's been awhile since I had chocolate. Longer than I can remember it ever being. Unless I count that cup of Swiss miss with Mini-marshmallows I had last weekend. I don't count that tho- it was milk chocolate cocoa-made with water and there is hardly any taste of chocolate to that stuff....more like a vanilla with a hint of Chocolate. How can I get them all together and keep it a secret from the parents? Not with those two five year olds. they have the biggest mouths to be boys. If I had to go by how much they tell secrets and whine about things I would swear they were girls. Marie and Frank find out what the baby is in early January. I would really like a grand-daughter, but I will be happy either way. It was sweet of them to say I can name it if it's another boy. I think they liked the name I chose too. Nicholas. After St. Nicholas. LOL- They both just smiled and said it figures when I told them. And I know I said I would give the Daughter(DILs are considered my daughters too- I love them that much) that had the first granddaughter my emerald earrings, but if Marie has a GD for me- the baby is due in May and emeralds are Mays birthstones and Marie's ears aren't pierced, so I am thinking I will give the emerald earrings to the Granddaughter and get Marie either an opal ring or opal necklace instead. She absolutely adores opals but doesn't have any yet,so I think she would enjoy that more than the emerald earrings.
Shoot- I'm home now. I should have taken off this blazer and hung it up. There's the stupid cat in the window.....he better not have torn anything up while I was at work. He will be okay once he gets out of this destructive adolescent stage. Do they make kitty Valiums, I wonder? I may have to call the vet and see if they do. maybe that would help him...okay- help ME!!!

Dang, Gotta go all the way back out to the car cause I forgot to turn off the headlamps. I probably shouldn't drive with them on as often as I forget to turn them off, but if some idiot pulls out in front of me they can't claim to have not seen me- not if my headlamps are on. I hate bad drivers. Okay the lights are off now. Maybe I can get in and get this uniform off now. Especially these boots. I'm gonna check the e-mail before I go to bed too. May post a short-short on my blog too...I haven't done that in a while.........wonder if I can think of something to post about..........hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, let me see.................. I'm hungry too....wonder if there's any eggs and bacon..... Or cereal and milk.............or chocolate syrup for pancakes or waffles.......


MC Etcher said...

Whew! And that was just the ride home - imagine how busy your whole day must be.

Sunny said...

Yeah- and the scariest thing of all was I was driving while all this was going on.

OzzyC said...

I can't remember what I was going to type just a couple of minutes ago in response to this post, much less an entire half-hour conversation I had with myself sometime earlier this morning.

Sunny said...

Obviously, Ozzy, you are an inferior life form.
How do you ever win an argument with anyone if you have that bad a memory?

OzzyC said...

Husbands aren't allowed to win arguments.

Sunny said...

Why, Thank You Ozzy!!

Husbands- Take NOTE!!!!! Ozzy has spoken!!!!!