Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sorry Bout That........

This has been a strange week.

I know I haven't posted as much on here lately, but I've been using most of my brainpower on trying to think out how to get my new book started again. I have had about a dozen false starts but by process of elimination I am getting closer to getting it done.
That's the hardest part of the whole thing- the very first paragraph- hell, the very first sentence. I have several ways I choose a book.
#1 is to pick it up and read the first sentence or two. If it doesn't grab my attention or if it starts out with"It was a dark and stormy night..." it usually goes back on the shelf.
#2 is to open it to the middle of the book and read a couple paragraphs. If it doesnt grab my attention- back it goes.
#3 is to have nothing else available to read. Even if it does have a bad start- or if it doesn't particularly grab my attention from the middle of the story, I still will read it if there is nothing else around.
Granted, there are VERY few times that any of the first two have happened- so, unless it's a technical manual, if it's within my reach- it's gonna get read.
Anyway- you can bet your butt that this time everything will get backed up. Storm season approaches in a couple months and this ain't gonna happen again.

As for the book I DID have backed up-somewhat- I have been too happy lately to be able to work on it much. I suppose I could work on it a bit at work while I have my downtimes, but I've just not been in the right frame of mind- a female sniper is a hard character to work with if you're not pissed off about something and my hubby is making me way too happy for that character to be utilized much. Another thing that is keeping me from doing much on it at work is the fact that I DON'T have acces to a computer at work altho I had been informed that I would before taking this job. I hate taking down all the info in long-hand and then having to transfer it to computer after I get home. I could use a secretary- or a laptop so I only have to do it once.
What I wouldn't give to be able to take a year off and work on and finish my books without the distraction of work and sleep schedules getting in my way. Maybe at some point in the future I will be able to do that.
I wish Paulius would be doing more of that now- while I'm at work and he doesn't have to worry about a job interfering, but I know that inspiration hits when it hits and not particularly when you WANT it to hit.
Also I have been spending an inordinate amount of time working on getting things fixed up a bit for my in-laws visit in April. We have some painting to do before then and I also have to make some new drapes for the living-room and the bedroom before then. Not so much to do really- but figuring out the most adventagous time to do these things is a happy task that has kept me occupied.
Paulius says he has no preference when it comes to decorationg, but we all know all men say that and it's JUST-NOT-TRUE.
Just to prove my point he told me that very thing when I asked him for the hundredth time a month ago and i said "Fine, then I'll paint it lavender like the hallway." That changed his mind. LOL.
And lavender wasn't a choice I made deliberately. I had some white left over from another project- and a tiny bit of eggplant purple. My hallway had been painted an UGLY battleship gray before I moved in and after two years of looking at it- I finally got fed up and mixed the two colors I had together. It rendered a beautiful lavender color- perfect for a girls bedroom or a guest-room accent trim color, but it was better than battleship-grayso Paulius and my sons painted the main hallway with it. I want to change it again but he says if i want it painted again I'll have to do it myself.
Anyway- he had changed his mind about the colors NOT mattering but I couldn't get him to go and look at paint chips- so I went out- got some paint chips in some colors that were somewhat neutral and asked him to choose from them. So he did. And i am adding a color of my choosing to it and the lighter color will go on top- the darker on bottom and i will make some drapes to co-ordinate with both colors and we will both be happy. I also have to get trim to match or replace the trim that is up in half the room. See, Paulius remodeled the first month he was here- with my AND my parents blessing- but one room had a chair rail around the room- the other didn't. So the combined room is half railed. I want it to match. I'll probally end up replacing it all to get it to look right. It'll be worth it.

Anyway- now that I've bored y'all to tears(with the exception of maybe OZZY) and have got my mind off the book for awhile, maybe my next attempt at the beginning will be a success!!

Wish me luck!!!



OzzyC said...

I've ended up with colors that way too... but now I own an entire color book from Diamond Vogel paint... makes life a little easier.

MC Etcher said...

Keep plugging away on the book - even if you get just a little bit done every day, it adds up!

Lisa said...

LOL... good luck!