Sunday, January 08, 2006

Isn't Life Funny?

Well, I want to tell y'all my weekend did get better.
I went and did some things with two of my kids, talked to three of them and did some really fun stuff with my Paulius as well. Made up ALOT for the things I was blogging about yesterday- altho it wasn't really about any of the people I did stuff with this weekend.
At any rate- it did put me in a much better mood to see iIwas loved and not everyone is doing the things I was whining about. Funny thing was, none of the people I did stuff with this weekend even read my blog.....except Paulius.

Isn't life funny sometimes?

Hope your weekend was good too!


Lisa said...

Glad things got better! I spent my weekend pouting and feeling very much like you did in that first post.

Sunny said...

Must have been in the air......or the water........or our minds.


Hope you're feeling better!