Monday, January 23, 2006

Well.............Alrighty Then......

Several topics to touch on somewhat briefly.

First- I want to apologize to the Panthers for my Mojo vibes being intercepted by the Seahawks. My fault, I should have put a curse on them first before sending your Mojo to you.
Secondly- It's not entirely my fault- some of you players were chewing GUM for GODs sake- you should have had the good sense to spit it out before going against the Seahawks. I mean, they were on their turf- they haven't lost on their turf all season- did you not realize that you would need ALL your concentration to beat them there? For shame- you're smarter than that. Look how far you got....
Thirdly- There's always next year, I suppose.


You know, it's great when you realize what a good boss is. Not that I have one now, mind you, but I have had a few that were great.
First, there was Frank Powell. He was super. Always ready to lend an ear and help you with any problems you were having with your job- and I utilized that willingness learning to do my job.
Thanks Mr.P.

Next there was Scott Duncan. He was a total idiot when it came to being a BOSS- always trying to act all superior and trying to show off when I (as well as everyone else) knew I was hired to take over his job but refused due to the company trying to screw him over, which the higher-up STILL haven't forgotten but I did the right thing so screw em. But one thing about S.D.- He was always willing to get out in the trenches and work beside you when he wasn't being an ass.
We worked alot of overtime together in the rain, sleet, snow, sub-zero temps and hundred degree weather(at NIGHT) and he wasn't one to make us miserable any longer than was absolutely necessary. We had fun while we worked, cracking jokes and telling funny stories(when the clients weren't around of course....otherwise we had to be perfectly professional and well mannered.)He was a joy to work with too(when he wasn't being an ass). Thanks Duncan.

Next was CJ Mojica- He came from down-state and everyone was scared sh*tless of him- ex military- a real hard-ass if you believed everything you heard. Actually he was a bit of a hardass at first, but one thing about him. There was BLACK and there was WHITE... there were NO GRAY areas with him. If you followed the written rules- he would back you a thousand percent, no matter how much the client bitched and whined about something you did or didn't do(usually in the form of special treatment in some way, shape or form they didn't get) He would look them in the eye and tell them flat out- you hired us to protect you and your property. These are YOUR rules. My officer followed these rules. If you want things done differently, change the written rules. Then my officer will follow THOSE rules. But until then, the rules you have set forth are the ones my officer will follow and I back him/her all the way. Not to mention the fact he shot a smiley face in a quarter scale sillouette at almost 50 yards with a 9mm Glock.
THAT's the type boss I want covering my back. Thanks C.J.

Last there was Roger Chapman. He was alot like C.J.
Same thing- covered his officers- defended them if they were right, disciplined them if they were wrong. A very good man. Always spoke with each officer every night they worked. Told jokes and stories to try and keep morale up and almost everyone respected him. The ones that didn't were total jackasses and didn't deserve to have a boss like him anyway....short-timers...move along, your loss. Thanks Roger!!

Good bosses are hard to come by and even harder to keep around. Bosses like these are destined for better things than they start with. Too bad. Our loss.


Today is my Paulius Birthday. He is a big ole Quarter Century Old today!
Happy Birthday Paulius!!
I wish I could post a pic of my Sweetness on here for you all. Unfortunately, he hates getting his picture taken and would kill me if he didn't approve it first. So, maybe later.

And how was your weekend????????


Vicarious Living said...

Sorry about the Panthers loss; I was hoping!

I'm lucky to have a good boss right now and am not looking forward to a new one. Maybe I can take her with me when I leave.

Happy Birthday Paulius!
We demand a picture - at least of your chin.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Happy Birthday Paulis...I tried to post here yesterday but it wouldn't let me.

Glad you had some great bosses Sunny. Most of never have.