Sunday, January 22, 2006

Upate On Remodel/Decorating Project.

The Re-model/decorating went GREAT this weekend.

Paulius and Frank did the hard stuff(ripping out the walls and built-in chest) and I did the other minor stuff.

Taking all that out gave us a good two feet width more in the room. Before we had a king sized bed and a dresser in the room with an 18 inch band of floor between the two. No extra room at all- Wall-to-wall bed and on the other side of the doorway the dresser. Now we have the bead and the dresser but there's room to walk around the bed and believe it or now- we still have a small closet on each side of the head of the bed which works out great because we have LOTS more folding clothes than hanging clothes.

Added bonus of all this remodeling work is Paulius is definitely listening to me more.


Right now the room is done in a jungle/wild animal print theme, but it's going to be changed in a couple weeks to a Royal Blue, Gold, and White/Sun, Moon & Stars theme. I am, after all a Goddess and this would be more fitting to my status.

Stop Laughing.


Paulius said...

If you change one more bloody thing, I'm supergluing everything to the floor.

Oh, and she changed the pictures on the wall again yesterday.

MC Etcher said...

The sun/moon/stars theme sounds cool!

Sunny said...

Zip it, Paulius.
Believe me- things WILL be changed in the next month- with OR without your "Help-Permission-Nod of Agreement".

MC- Thanks! I have so much SM&S stuff already all I need at this point is the paint and fabric for drapes. Everything else I have.Altho I have to say I will miss the wild-side theme.

Your cherished beyond all else daughter in law said...

Good for you...teach him to ban you moving stuff in the living room. Just redecoate EVERYTHING else!

Paulius said...

Who asked you, Marie?

Yeah, I know who you are. Oh, and it's my Birthday tommorrow. Forget it again, and you're officially disowned.