Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tid Bits........................

Well, I FINALLY got my paycheck today. It STILL wasn't delivered to ME tho- It was put in the mailbox next to mine.

And it's gone now- ALL GONE.

But my bills are paid and I can breathe easier..........til next week which will be late again because of MLK holiday.
My GOD- does it NEVER end?

Thanks Y'all for letting me vent about this topic this week.
Hopefully, soon I will be at a new job and maybe I won't have this problem........



OMG! The Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears play this weekend in the play-offs!!

How COOL is it that the Panthers have gone this far, again, THIS year!!

I only have a Super-Bowl party when one of my teams are in it.

(That would be the Carloina Panthers and the Oakland Raiders for those of you who are new here)

GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!

Guess what?

I have a NEW Grand-neice!

Kendal Angelique
Details to follow- haven't been able to get up to see her yet and am getting a busy signal on the room phone at the hospital to find out details!!

I Do know she was born on her 4 year old sister, Andrea's birthday!!!
Drea told my sister that she would share her birthday cake with her new sister if she could just get "SOMEBODY" to take her up to the hospital....Aren't kids CUTE???


Sunny said...


Kendal Angelique
Born @ 11:39 AM
7 lb-4 oz
20 inches long!!!

I can't wait to see her!!!!!

Sunny said...

Oh- and BTW- answer to your question about Direct Deposit.......I don't even have a checking account- my EX screwed me over on that one by us having a joint account and then him dying and his mom refusing to pay the overdraft charges(all 800 dollars worth of them)that HE ran up on the account, so guess who is left with paying them off and not being able to open an account til its done?

Yep, me. I do have it down to 400 owed now tho.

As for them cancelling the check and cutting another for me, well, they could do that...but it would take TWO WEEKS for them to re-issue.I don't know WHY it takes that long, but that's the EXCUSE they give.
This has happened at least 4 times in the past 6 months-and it's getting REAL OLD- REAL FAST. I've worked for this company off and on since 1983 and it's happened occasionally in the past, but it seems to be getting to be a quite regular thing with them.

Thanks for the ideas tho, Ozzy- I do appreciate it!!

OzzyC said...

How are you gonna buy your new grand-niece something nice if your check is already gone. You should have planned bettter ;)

MC Etcher said...

Very cute little one!

Glad you finally got your check.

Sunny said...

Hmmmm....Ozzy- don't mess with me- you say you and paulius may have to meet someday? Well, guess who will be with him? And i happen to be an expert marksman and am professionally trained to kick ass.


MC- Thanks!

Vicarious Living said...

This check business sucks. Our bank is giving us issues about our employee paychecks, so I have some staff scrambling to find other ways to get their money. Hope it doesn't happen again to you!

You are looking for another job? Good luck! :)