Saturday, January 07, 2006

Am I THAT Bad?

I am in a horribly bad mood today- and I can't even blame it on PMS.

I had a great weekend last weekend. Spent time with people I love, rested-rejuvenated. Felt on top of the world today.

Unfortunately, it seems that lately, when I have something planned to do with someone-(anyone)- they cancel out on me with several different reasons.
1)I have a headache and don't feel like it.
2)I was throwing up last night and don't feel like it.
3)I didn't sleep well last night and am too tired.
4)I'm not in the mood today.
5)I have something ELSE that came up.

Every once in a while these happening doesn't phase me. But almost every time?

Do I stress people out THAT much?
Am I THAT boring?
Am I such a PAIN that I give people headaches and make them throw up?
What am I- chopped liver? Am I not important enough to say"Sorry but I have plans with Sunny today. Maybe tomorrow."?

Other small things are cropping up as well- but enough of that. Tomorrow's another day.

I'll get over it, but right now I don't feel very good about me.


Lois said...

I'm sorry, Sweetie. I hope those people all stop throwing up and give you the love you deserve. You know if I was where you are I would NEVER blow you off for a headache, another commitment or even for driving the porcelain bus! :P

Hope the rest of your weekend is better.

Love ya,

Sunny said...

LOL- I KNOW this my dearest friend.

I know I sent you an e-mail telling you the details, but seems I hardly ever comment back to you on here...(maybe because what WE talk about would be too much of a shock for these other blog-readers? WEG!!)
......Anyway, my weekend DID get better. Details winging their way to you as we speak.

Hope the B-day celebration was a BLAST!!!

Love ya back,

OzzyC said...

Well, at you've got a couple of people commenting on your blog... for what that's worth.