Thursday, August 31, 2006

And Speaking Of Vacation/Holiday........

I am officially ON my vacation...well, two days of it, anyway, which with my regular two days off for the weekend makes 5 days........sort of.

It's New Math.

And wouldn't you know that Ernesto is heading this way.
Lots of rain in the forecast.
So there goes the camping idea. And probably the Fair which is in town this weekend as well.
Paulius and I are in charge of planning at least ONE night of "something" each.
We have a budget- the same amount of money- and we are going to see who can come up with the most to do with it. It's not really a competition, just something to keep us both occupied.

So far I haven't been to sleep since coming in from work. I know I should- but I've been online on SL- something I rarely get to do when I'm working during the week. I just don't want to waste a second of my FREE TIME!!! Such a rarity must not be squandered! Yes?
I know one thing, some point I'm going to have to do some housework. I don't want to- but it MUST be some

Eh, if it gets done it will- and if it doesn't it won't.

I don't care....I'm on HOLIDAY!!!!!!!


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Lois said...

Girl, you better not waste one precious moment of your holiday on house cleaning!!! The dust can wait a few days, for heaven's sake. Believe me ... it'll still be there next week.

Sorry Ernesto is coming your way. I hope you get off as easy with him as we did.

I can't wait to hear how you and Paulius made the vacation money stretch. Well, the parts you CAN publish, that is. :)