Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'll be DAMNED if.....

I take ANOTHER cut in my wages from this damn company.

When I came back to work for this company I was making much more than I am now. I'm talking dollars here every hour- not pennies. Every time I've had a transfer ,except this last time, I have took a small cut in pay.

When I transferred this last time the big guy told them to keep me on Dispatchers pay- I'm fully qualified-the only one of the dispatchers to have formal training (from the PD)- and I've kept up with all the dispatchers training since I left the dispatch job, hence, in a pinch I can come and dispatch for them if I'm needed there more than where I am now. That was fine- I despise dispatching but like I said- in a pinch I would do it. Well, a few weeks ago- about 6 to be truthful- everyone in the company was supposed to get a "cost of living" wage increase. I didn't receive mine. So my former supervisor talked to the lady who does payroll to see what the holdup or oversight was.
Well, he had me call him last night and he told me I might not want to pursue it any further because Rita was saying that she was going to bump my wages down to regular officers pay and THEN give me the raise- thus I would be making yet ANOTHER dollar an hour less than I am NOW.

(I know- very unlady-like language-sorry)

I'll be looking for another job first.
I hate when things like this happen. It's the story of my life tho.

And I didn't even get KISSED first.


topcat99 said...

That's lousy! And to me that doesn't even sound legal!

Sunny said...

Me either, Topcat.

But on my wages who can afford an attorney to fight them- especially for a dollar an hour in wages?

It's a lose-lose situation in my eyes.

OzzyC said...

Ick... sounds like time to job hunt.

MC Etcher said...

Damn that sucks! Doesn't seem legal. Unless they were just trying to scare you, so you wouldn't ask about your raise again.

Vicarious Living said...

UGH! You should not be penalized for being competent and valuable. Although if you are serious about looking for another job, I wouldn't say anything else about the raise issue, just in case. Better to make the money you are now while looking for other employment, than be bumped down another dollar during your search time.

Good Luck!