Monday, August 14, 2006

What The.....????

I had a really weird dream this weekend.

I dreamed that a HUGE meteor almost hit the earth.

We were all standing watching the sky for it. It was very cloudy and it was thick yet sort of wispy clouds overhead. The meteor came slicing thru the clouds- you couldn't actually see it but the clouds had a streak of swirling in it as the meteor passed overhead across the sky. It didn't hit but passed us by.

My question is, what would the repercussions of a huge meteor coming THAT close to the Earth be?

God, I have weird dreams.


Paulius said...

If you could see it in the clouds, it would probably take a lot of the atmosphere with it.

Not a happy thought

dakotablueeyes said...

if something is gonna hit the earth and kill us all I don't wanna be watchin it lol
Yea you have weird dreams

MC Etcher said...

Yeah, we'd all be dead.

Saffyre said...

That's one scary ass dream you had there!

No more watching Armaggedeon before bedtime!

Sunny said...

Unfortunately, I didn't WATCH Armageddon before bedtime. What, do you think I'm INSANE????

No, those are my NORMAL dreams- not some of the insane ones!!!!