Saturday, August 19, 2006


I'm having one of those months. August has been a complete bust. Nothing has went the way I needed it to. Well, ONE thing did, but the feeling of contentment and happiness didn't last NEARLY long enough.
I feel so damn frustrated. Every time I get my hopes up that something good is about to happen, the rug gets pulled out from under me. I feel like I am going to explode any second and the bad part is it's usually over stuff that normally I would just let roll off my back like water on a duck.
I'm going to take a couple days off work around the first of the month. I HOPE to anyway, I have turned in the request but it has to be approved. My luck it will be rejected because of the changes going on at work. I'm afraid that would be the last straw and I would completely lose it.
All I can do is wait til they tell me it's a go. Or not.

I need a break.
And lots of prayers that I don't kill someone before getting that break.
And someone to put up bail if I do.


Vicarious Living said...

We'll start taking up a collection, just in case ;-)

MC Etcher said...

Do the bail bonds people accept Paypal?

Hope you get those days off and feel better soon!

Sunny said...

I don't know if they do- but I have a bit of good news! I AM getting the 1st & 4th of september off work so I think possibly I can hold out that long without killing anyone- so I guess bail money won't be needed after all!!

Thanks Guys!!!!