Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Here's Your Sign.....

Do you believe in signs from beyond?
I do.

I've always been warned or forewarned about certain events that are about to happen in my life.

I can tell you who is calling on the phone before I answer it...9 times out of 10 I'm right.

I have premonitions and dreams about things that happen a few days-weeks-months or even years later.....

Every time I've been in an auto accident I've seen or noticed 10 times the usual amount of commercials or PSA on TV or the radio warning or cautioning about "buckling up" or about reviewing my life insurance coverage.
True to form- after a few weeks of this I'd be involved an auto accident.

Every time anyone I know gets pregnant all I hear about or see on TV is baby clothes- baby shampoo- baby food or pregnancy tests advertised for a couple months before I find out about it.
I can also tell if someone is pregnant if I am around them because my ulcer kicks into high gear and I throw up from the pain. I've actually told my sisters they were preggers before they even knew.

Every time I've had a new job offer I've seen signs or adverts for education or new career choices over and over again for weeks before I receive the job offer/s.

Which brings me to the present........ and I'm beginning to get really freaked out.
For the past few months I've been seeing-or just noticing- a steady increase in the adverts for life insurance coverage. I've also received a few mailings from several funeral homes pertaining to funeral pre-arrangements.

Now, part of this I can understand and explain away as pure and utter coincidence. I DID inquire a couple YEARS ago about funeral pre-arrangements- when my daddy started getting sick again he urged us all to get our affairs in order and so I made a few inquiries to put his mind at ease- but that was AGES/YEARS ago. And also, I figure I would notice the life insurance ads more since Dads passing and his birthday being tomorrow and all. It would just be natural....right?

Still, while I can come up with a plausible explanation for this, past experience with "SIGNS" makes me more than just a little wary of it all.

Wouldn't you be?

At any rate- I'm taken care of in all the arrangements and coverage except for the "specific" details. I know what they are- Paulius and I have discussed the details- I just have yet to make the financial pre-arrangements so he wouldn't have to deal with any of it.

I DO need to take care of that.....just to be on the safe side.....don't you think?

Am I being overly sensitive about all this? Or do you think I have valid reasoning to be just a tiny bit concerned?

I don't want to be overly concerned about it and WORRY- but if the pattern fits...... I can't HELP but worry.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

I really miss my daddy.

I never quite realized how much I relied on him.
All of us did- but I can only speak for myself.

I visited the cemetery today- and completely lost it there.
My daddy was my rock. he was the person I went to for everything when things were just too much to deal with. Take a problem to Daddy and he would fix it.

Need a break and want someone to keep the kids while I go for an hours ride or be able to take a two hour bubble-bath without having to get up 15 times to take care of a fuss or complaint from the kids- "Sure, hon, Daddy'll keep them occupied."

Need a car to drive to work because your battery is dead as a doornail or because you need a new motor? "Sure, Honey- here are the keys- and tomorrow after you wake up we'll go get a new battery or motor on my charge card and you can pay me back later."

"Why do you need to borrow my circular saw? To build shutters for the house? Sure, baby girl- do you need me to show you how to use it? Oh? You know already? Okay...."
and showing up there less than an hour later to make sure I'm okay and to marvel at how I really DO know how to use the saw and how he had never seen shutters like I was making.

Fuss with the siblings? Daddy would tell us how important it was to make up and be sweet to each other because we would always be siblings and how someday we would only have each other to lean on.

Daddy would tell us stories about his days at sea as a naval serviceman. All about his friends and what his job entailed on the aircraft carrier.

He would go out in the freezing cold or the pouring rain or the 100 degree weather to make a living for his family during his days as a railroad man. And never complained. And never was out but two days being sick.

Daddy gave and gave and gave and never complained about it- he only wanted the best for his family and tried his best to give it to us. Even after we were grown. And we didn't fully realize what a wonderful blessing he was. I always thought of my daddy as my hero and always appreciated everything he did for us all- but I never realized how close to a saint he was. He had his faults- don't think I didn't notice them, I did- but he was as close to perfect as one could wish for. He gave us unconditional love- even when we didn't deserve it.

I miss him so much. I miss his hugs- and his smiles. He was always so glad to see us when we came to visit him and mom.

Wednesday would have been his 76th birthday. For his 70th we threw him a HUGE surprise party/cookout. He was so surprised- and he loved every minute of it.

Some days I just want my Daddy.

Friday, May 26, 2006

REALLY Annoying Things.......

1-Cartoon music blasting at 3/4 volume at 7AM when you've been up all night and want to do nothing more than have a bit of peace and quiet to relax. Why do parents let their kids watch that drivel that is supposed to pass as "educational animation" nowadays?
It's Brain-rot. Pure and simple BRAINROT!

2-People who wear flip-flops to public buildings like doctors offices and hospitals and feel the need to slap them loudly as the walk. Since when is beachwear acceptable attire for the general public?

3-Women who wear hollow-heeled shoes and walk across ceramic tile floors. OMG- Can they want any more attention than that?

4-Bad Table Manners. For God's sake- you hold your flatware/silverware somewhat in a grip somewhat like you would a pen or pencil when you are writing. A fork or spoon shouldn't be held in your fist like it's a shovel or a scoop. And chew with your mouth CLOSED. Nobody- least of all me- wants to see your chewed up food dropping all over the table or your lap or being spewed all over whoever happens to be the unlucky person you aim your talking to. Talk or eat- one at a time.

5-When you go out of your way to do something for someone who really needs help with a problem and they act like you owe it to them and then they change their minds about what you helped them with and act like it was really no big thing that they changed their mind. Maybe not to them it wasn't- but I had other things that could have been done had I not taken the time and money to help out. I DO remember things like that NEXT time, too.

6-When people promise to do something and then they forget. And then they remember and put it off for even longer just because they don't feel the need for it to be done when they said they would do it. It doesn't matter- you agreed to do it at a certain time to get what you wanted out of the deal- you can't renege on or put off a promise like that after you have gotten what you want or need. It's a give and take deal. Just DO it.

7-Being ignored. Also along that line- wanting or needing a hug or a cuddle and not being able to get one because it's an "inconvenient or inappropriate time" or because the other person just can't be bothered at the moment.

8-Being excited about something and everyone else thinking it's stupid to be that happy about it.

9-Someone doing something completely sweet and wonderful for me and me being in a bad mood and either not noticing or not showing my appreciation of/for what they did. I hate when it happens to me- but I hate more doing that to someone else.

10-Extenuating circumstances that make me feel bad about saying no to a request. Saying yes is bad- having to say no is worse tho.

11-Overweight people in tight clothes- spandex in particular. Three words people....

12- Skinny people who know you're on a diet and sit in front of you and eat four helpings of all the things you can't have and talk incessantly about how they can eat anything they want and not again an ounce. I have one thing to say to you people who do that to me-..
"RUN!!!!!! Because you will be wearing some of that food if you keep it up on one of my really bad days."

13- People who bitch about crappy stuff other people do all the time. Nobody wants to hear that drivel, so zip it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!!

Joyously Announcing The Birth Of:

Charles Nicholas Howe

7 lbs/ 9 oz

May 23rd, 2006 at 10:30 in the evening.

Our 4TH Grandson!

Happy Birthday Nick!
(Who will otherwise be known as "Dexter" since that's what his 5 year old brother, Devon, insists on calling him altho his parents have been equally insistent that the baby will NOT be even nicknamed "Dexter".)

We'll see.
He'll just be St. Nick to me.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Summers Here-Like It Or Not!

Yes- Summer is DEFINATELY here now.

The temps are rising steadily along with the humidity percentage. I hate hot sticky weather- I've lived in the South all my life and I'm still not used to the humidity.

Also signaling the start of summer season is the fact we had our Coyle Family Reunion yesterday- Every year- the Sunday after Mother's Day.

I only get to see these cousins and aunts and uncles once a year- unless there is a special event- such as a wedding or funeral- Lord bless 'em.

I love that side of the family- they are down to earth, God-fearing, simple mountain folk who love to live life- work hard- and have fun.
They are also the loud, obnoxious, fun group of people who I can't be around for more than a few hours at a time. They wind me up and I get hyper for DAYS after being around them.
I love them to death- but they just produce this ...energy....that if harnessed, could power the entire state for a month after we all got together.
Maybe it's something the Dept of Energy should look into.

We had food out the wazoo. If there is one thing those women(and more recently even the men) know how to do(besides voice their opinion and make it stick as the gospel truth) it's cook.

Just a few of the things we had on those groaning tables....

5 types chicken- all deep fried and seasoned differently- (Why, SOMEONE cheated and brought KFC chicken. I don't envy them when we find out who did THAT. The only time store bought food is acceptable is when you have an illness in the family or if you come straight from your job.People take it as they aren't important enough to you to actually take time to COOK decent food if you just stop by the store and BUY it.)
All kids of veggies-
fried & breaded okra
broccoli casserole
creamed corn
3 different kinds of potato salad
corn on the cob
fried corn
speckled butter-beans
3 different kinds of mac & cheese pie(my sister Tees was the BEST- 6 pounds of 3 different cheeses in it- no joke)
3 types green beans
2 types baked beans
fried fat-back
fired sausages
2 types meatloaf
garlic sticks
corn muffins

Desserts included-
chocolate eclair pie
orange Watergate salad
pineapple upside-down cake
2 kinds apple pie
white cupcakes w/ chocolate frosting
cherry cheesecake
lemon meringue pie
pineapple fluff-angel food cake
banana pudding
spice cake with cream-cheese frosting

I know I haven't listed it all- but who can remember all that?

I am on a diet and had said I was going to allow myself one bite of anything and everything I wanted as a treat.

Yeah- Right. Let's just say I haven't been bad like that for over 5 years and leave it.

Once in a five year period can be overlooked, tho. I am back on track now, tho- and despite being BAD- I still lost 2 lbs last week. It may show back up at next months weigh in- but hopefully not.
(I only weigh myself every two weeks now, so it's much less traumatic if I have a gain and it's easier to deal with knowing I have two weeks to get a gain off instead of the every week thing that is so popular right now with all the weight programs)

Anyway. Like I said- Summer is definitely here.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Grand Slam Weekend?

What The Heck is going on?
I'm not sure how to act.

This is the first weekend in months- and I'm talking over a YEAR- that I haven't had ANYTHING I'm required or have been requested to do.

I do have a family reunion I CAN go to if I want on Sunday, but that's a choice.

I have no O/T scheduled at either of my sites. I don't have to give anyone a ride to work or a doctors appointment, and I don't have any errands to run.

I get sort of nervous when things look too easy.

I brought two books home with me to read this weekend- Oh- and before I forget- I read a book last night that was great- it was called..."Wish You Well" by David Baldacci.
Great little book. The ending was a bit predictable, but all-in-all it was a good story.

I brought home "Contagion" by Robin Cook and "On Mystic Lake" by Kristin Hannah.
Cook is a given good read if you can get past some of the medical jargon- the Hannah book is one author I haven't read yet- The jury is still out on that one, but so far(page 61) it's a good steady storyline.

I hoep to get to read them both this weekend- hopefully while fishing in the pond that's a hundred feet from my back door and maybe I can sneak in a few minutes of catnapping while I'm at it. If we get lucky enough to not have any company to distract us, we might be able to make a bit of whoopee.... that's what I would call a GRAND SLAM WEEKEND!!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Today's The Day!!!!!

Joyously Announcing
the Marriage of
May Fifteenth
Two Thousand and Four


It's been the most wonderful two years of my life.

Happy Anniversary, My Darling Paulius!


Remember that Movie?

The book wasn't so bad- but the movie scared the crapola out of me. I still to this day won't walk near a drain on the side of the road either day or night.

Call me silly- but I'm not taking ANY chances!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Regrets- I've Had A Few.............

Did I ever tell you I used to model when I was younger-in high school and just out of?
Runway modeling....it was so much fun, but Mom & Dad refused to let me do any modeling outside anything local-except one show in Virginia(they had heard too many horror stories of white slavery and prostitution, which granted did happen sometimes if you didn't sign with a reputable and legit agency)- and so I didn't get to see if I could make a go of it.
If I knew then what I know now- I swear I would have left home and did what I wanted to do instead of being a "good" daughter and obeying my parents.
What are some parents thinking sometimes? Why do some parents have the need to be overbearing and reluctant to let their kids do what will make them happy? Or at the very least let them TRY what they want to do in life?
I might have fallen flat on my face and decided it wasn't what I wanted after all, but I wasn't even allowed to have the chance to find out.
The local shows I did were so exciting- and I LOVED doing them- being the center of attention for a few minutes for a couple of hours while I was out there. I used to get such a rush from the lights and the make-up and the cool clothes and even the harried pace of having to be changed in less than two minutes before I had to be back out there walking the walk again. I was always exhausted after the shows- but I was always happy,too.
Maybe that's why I am having such a hard time adjusting and finding any job that I really like now. Maybe that's part of the reason I'm having such a hard time with my weight now as well. I figure that my time to shine has passed and I didn't get to shine the way I wanted or for as long as I wanted and I have just given up.
But I haven't given up. Not on getting back down to close to the size I was then.
I've also been thinking about going to the local agency here in town and talking to the agency director about signing on for some local shows again- AFTER I lose my weight, that is.
The one thing I definately DON'T want to do is be a PLUS-PLUS size model. I would still be a plus size model if I lost down to a size 12, believe it or not.
I have no idea what Paulius might think of this idea. I haven't been quite brave enough to actually talk with him about the possibility of doing it. I still have to lose this extra weigh first before even seriously entertaining the idea of doing local shows again.
But he is a wonderful, supportive husband and I don't think he would have a problem with it should I decide to go for it.
He's perfect like that, you know.

Why is life never simple?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In A Quandary.....

Okay I have a couple questions for you....
First- would you rather lose your job or gain 75 lbs?

And second- Given the choice and having to choose- would you rather be Rich and Fat or Poor and Slim?

Knowing how I feel about my job you can already guess that I would rather lose my job than gain 75 lbs.
Except for you guys who either "Game" or "Read" for a living, you all probably feel the same way.

As for the Either/Or question....
On the one hand, if I was rich I could hire a trainer and a cook to get me slim again.
But it would be a LOT of work to do it and I'm not sure it would be worth it. I suppose it would depend on how rich I was as to whether it would be worth it to me.

On the other hand, I'm already overweight and poor, so being slim and poor would be a nice change. I might can come up with a brilliant idea that will make me rich one day.
You never know.....Being blonde doesn't mean I can't be ambitious.....ow-www a big word.......am-bit-ious...........

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Trashy "Which Way" Books?

I love to read.

Every once in a while I get hold of a book that I just want to go on and on and on.

I bought a "Trashy Romance Novel" a couple weeks ago and left it til night before last to begin reading it- I mean face it- when you've read one of them, you've pretty much read them all.
Same plot, same phrases such as "Steely eyes", "Chiseled muscles", "Creamy thighs", "Heaving Bosoms", blah, blah, blah, come to mind....
But every once in a great while I find one that actually has a good plot, and has minimum of the heaving and panting and thrusting going on and actually is a good read!

When I find a jewel like that I want to read more about the pair. I want to be able to read about their adventures and misadventures everyday or so- not just be able to re-read the same story over and over.

I suppose that's why I like "which way" books so much. I can read them over and over and change the story as much as I like.
I know they're made for kids to read- but I like the variety in them.

I wonder if anyone has ever thought of doing a "which way" book in the romance genre for adults?
I would buy and read them.....

But then I read the backs of cereal boxes as well...........

Monday, May 08, 2006

Todays Weather In Sunny's World....

I find myself drifting from topic to topic when I try to write my blog now-days.

I think it may be the heat......and then change in temps back to the 50's here from the 90's last week.
I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind what she wants the weather to be. It's MAY for Christ-sake- it should be warmISH- but not HOT yet- maybe around 70- degrees. After July 4th it is supposed to be all hot and sticky-in the 85-90 degree range and in August you are supposed to be just miserable with the heat in the 90-94 area.(It should never get above 94 in my perfect world- and ideally the humidity should never be above 50%...EVER!) Then in September it is supposed to cool down to milder temps...say around 70-75 and not be nearly as humid. Then in October it should be nice- about 60-65 in the daytime and crisp and cool at night....about 45-50 should about do it.
November should bring 50's in the daytime with lots of beautiful colors in the leaves and late November should have a snow flurry or two....nothing that sticks- just a few flurries to show off a bit.
December should bring 40s in the daytime, 30s at night and a few more snow flurries until Christmas Eve when we should get a full blown snowstorm that lays a pristine blanket of snow 8- 15 inches deep for us to wake up to on Christmas Morning.
It should last til New Years Eve, and be melted by New Years Day evening.
Temperatures should stay in the 40-45 degree range until the last week of March when everything will begin greening up and thawing out and be a balmy 60 degrees on Easter Day.
The temps should then rise between 3-5 degrees every week until Mothers Day which brings us back to The 70's and warmish.......

So, do I write my congressman about getting this weather the way I want it- or do I pray a lot- or do I write Santa a nice long missive?

I'm confused- my usual state of mind, but that's for another post.......

Friday, May 05, 2006

Bits and Pieces.........

Just random thoughts today........

My in-laws are on their way back to JOLLY old England as we speak. I hope they have a safe and uneventful trip and Yes I cried at the airport. I wish they could have stayed for much longer. Next time I am taking time off and we will do some actual trips and I sincerely apologise for not doing it this time. I do think that they enjoyed just spending time at home with Paulius and getting to see how our lives really work here and getting to see some of the local sights. Next time we will do Charleston and some of the Blue Ridge Parkway and some of the NOT so local places of interest.
For the record- I absolutely ADORE my new in-laws and wouldn't change a single thing about them.

I think it was MC who gave a recommendation for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.....Let me say THANK YOU!! We have a tub that everyone who has lived or stayed here has tried bleaching, Ajax-ing, Purple-powering, Green stuff-ing, and sandblasting to try and clean it up. For over 8 years NOTHING has worked!
Paulius bought on of the MCMEs today and I tried it out when we got home and- OMG -it really IS magic!!!!!!!

My eldest son and his 9 month preggers wife are remodeling an old house next door to us. It is remarkable how much progress they have made in just two weeks and it is going to be a little jewel box when they get finished with it. I couldn't be more proud of them.
Turns out watching all those HGTV shows are paying off.
(I'm not even going to say "I TOLD you so..."

Buddy is being a bit better about his house-training. Now if we could only get him out of the "I'm-so-happy-to-see-you-let-me-just-jump-up-on-you -and-slobber-all-over-you-to-show-you-how-happy-I-am" phase we would be doing good.

Paulius got his work permit and now can now join the ranks of the gainfully employed with the rest of us unhappy wage-earners. He is looking forward to it- and so am I. This time next year we shall be home-owners!

With Frank(my eldest son) in HIS own home now- and the visit with Paulius parents regretfully over, Paulius and I are going thru either an empty-nest syndrome or a second honeymoon phase.
First thing we did was take a nap and sleep for about 6 hours. I haven't slept 6 hours straight in months!!!! Let alone a had a 6 hour NAP!
What the heck was THAT about?!?

It's coming up on June- which is when I start my traditional Christmas shopping spree.
Laugh if you like, but I am all finished with mine- up to and INCLUDING wrapping it all by Thanksgiving Day and am able to sit back and ENJOY the holidays while all the procrastinators are running around in the crowds and pulling their hair out.
*(Apologies to any procrastinators I might have offended by gloating - no offense intended)*
Last couple years I haven't been able to do it with Dad being sick and then his passing away, but this year I am trying to get back to my regular routine.

Paulius' Podcast was so cool. I listened to it (finally found a few spare minutes)and I think he has a DEAD SEXY voice. I fell even more in love with him. Mind you- we only ever spoke on the phone or the net meeting when we first "met".
Sigh.......Anyway, I would do something like that for my Blogs first anniversary but for two things....
ONE- I wouldn't know where to begin to do it..And
TWO- I have heard my voice on tape and I sound like a Southern Hick unless I use my polite company/professional phone voice and that wouldn't really give you any idea of the real me so what would be the point?
So I suppose I will have to think of something else- which means you may not hear from me agin on here til the 10th of May when the anniversary is. I swear- thinking too hard makes my head hurt and sometimes makes me dizzy....er.
I kill myself sometimes.
I could SOOOOO win the funniest Mom competition.

Mothers day is coming up....don't forget MOM/MUM.
Nobody loves you like Mom/Mum does.

I love the smell of Chocolate cigars. MMMmmmmmmmmmmm...............

During this holiday-the past two weeks- I have gained 11 pounds. Time to start working out again.
I hate working out.
I wish I could find something I loved doing that would burn all the calories I need to burn.
Anyone have any suggestions?

That's all folks!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

As many of you know- my in-laws have been visiting Paulius and me for the past week and a half.
They will be leaving us to return to jolly old England on Friday morning and I am NOT looking forward to it.

This visit has exceeded all my wildest expectations.
At best I was hoping for a civil two weeks of timid "getting to know each other" time with the parents.
What actually happened was being accepted as a part of the family from the first moments we met. Hugs at the airport, long chats over breakfast and late night coffees, laughs and lots of merriment during shopping trips to various places.
I didn't take any time off from work other than my regular days off on the weekends for their visit- something I have regretted terribly, but it was unavoidable since my earned vacation time doesn't  start until after the last week of June. Next time they visit I will take a whole two weeks off from work and we will do some traveling as well.

My in-laws are my friends- and I would daresay close friends.

I know I will end up crying when we see them off Friday. I wish they didn't have to go so soon.

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates.............

As many of you know- my in-laws have been visiting paulius and me for the past week and a half.
They will be leaving us to return to jolly old England on Friday morning and I am NOT looking forward to it.

This visit has exceeded all my wildest expectations.
At best I was hoping for a civil two weeks of timid "getting to know each other" time with the parents.
What actually happened was being accepted as a part of the family from the first moments we met. Hugs at the airport, long chats over breakfast and late night coffees, laughs and lots of merriment during shopping trips to various places.
I didn't take any time off from work other than my regular days off on the weekends for their visit- something I have regretted terribly, but it was unavoidable since my earned vacation time doesn't start until after the last week of June. Next time they visit I will take a whole two weeks off from work and we will do some traveling as well.

My in-laws are my friends- and I would daresay close friends.

I know I will end up crying when we see them off Friday. I wish they didn't have to go so soon.