Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay........ so since I got up NOTHING has went right for me.

*I took dentures out last night to clean and the adhesive stayed IN my mouth between my cheek and gum.....when I removed it- it took a layer of skin with it and my mouth is so raw I can't wear my dentures to work tonight.
*I boiled some eggs for dinner at work- the shells took all but a THIN layer of the white.
*I couldn't get the computer to come on.
*When it came on- I couldn't get it to bring anything up on the screen.
*Had to reboot three times before it began working properly.
*Took a shower, couldn't find my body wash. (Paul certainly doesn't use it, so that leaves the cats to have knockd it off the counter and batted it around til it was somewhere they couldnt get to it and now it's lost...)
*Couldn't find any of my hair clips
*Couldn't find my underwear in the mountain of laundry that's yet to be folded.
*Got overheated in the bathroom while taking my shower
*Couldn't find matching socks in aforementioned mountain of laundry
*stepped on sticky tape on way back from laundry room
*having a blood sugar drop right now from the stress of the day so far....and I've only been up for 3 hours so far....

Time to go to work and don't wanna..........the way my luck is running, I'll have an accident on the way to work or fall down the stairs once I get there.

Anyone wanna go in for me tonight?????????


Michelle said...

First of all, that sucks :-( Hate days like that! Hope work was ok after all that.

Secondly, you have Jen Lancaster in your blog list!!! She so rocks! Have you read her books, too? Like, ohmigod, I have such a girl crush on her! Squee!

Odie Langley said...

Hang in there Sunny since it doesn't seem to get any better the older we get. I was fortunate to have a dentist make my upper plate so well that I have to pull it out from the suction and have never had to use the goo stuff that you and my wife use. A dentist recently told me it had to do with my ridge line. Like Michelle said I hope after all that happened you at least had a pleasant time at work. Take care