Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Joan!!!...and Other things...

First of all, Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law, Joan.
We love you BUNCHES & we wish we were there to celebrate with you!!!

Okay, so Paul and I have been having LOADS of fun doing the new Podcast. We're getting loads of feedback on it- altho no one seems to want to leave comments on the podcast comments spot!! Don't be shy- let us know what ya think!!

So far- we've learned that the first one was a bit too short.....the second was a bit too long and a bit too ......."off direction" at the end. We knew that.
So I think we're going to change it up a bit and do a couple of regular feature type things on it and then our discussion in between. Paul had his podcast before and it isn't so new for him, but having a partner in one IS new to him and it's ALL new to me. I'm still trying to find my rhythm in it. It's hard for me too- because I like to think about what we're discussing before I make any points that he could blow holes the size of Texas in, but by then the podcast would be over so I'm having to learn to think fast on my feet!! (I also still get mesmerized by his accent and the rhythm of HIS voice, so it helps for me to only sort of "half" listen to him and to have something else to distract me a little bit while we're recording. LOL!!)

Finally, we are getting to go to Charleston!! Ever since we've been married we(meaning I) have wanted to take a short trip down there. I'd LOVE to stay for a weekend, but we just can't afford that at the moment, but we DO have a business appointment down there for Friday, so we're finally going to get to go for a day anyway. I figure we'll get there, have our meeting, maybe go to the market and stop by the Mad Hatter, and have a bit of early dinner somewhere down there before heading back. How I would LOVE to be able to stay and have a moonlight stroll on the beach before heading back upstate!! I can't be out in the sun much due to my Blood Pressure medication, but just as the sun is going down would be a lovely time to be out on the beach!! We'll see, maybe we can swing it, after all.
One of my Co-workers, Kevin, graciously agreed to trade shifts with me this week so I wouldn't have to work 12 hours and then drive down to Charleston immediately after. So I'm in for him tonight- so HE can extend HIS long weekend and have an extra day with his friends near the coast too!! Works out for us BOTH!
I work with such NICE people!!!

Speaking of work....I suppose I better go get dressed and head that way. We have a big day planned for my off day tomorrow too...gotta check all the stuff on the car to make sure it's trip-worthy for Friday!!
Okay, so we need to check: the Coolant, the tires(air pressure and worn spots), the transmission fluid, The wiper fluid, & fill the gas tank.........vacuum and clear out the car of all the accumulated "stuff" so we get decent gas mileage too.
We also need to make sure we have change in cash for parking fees, sunscreen, and something sweet in case either of us have a blood sugar drop on a long stretch of highway not near an exit. Need to wear something cool and comfy too..... Cash card & check off the paperwork we need to take with us.

Am I forgetting anything??


Odie Langley said...

Hi Sunny,
I don't think I could handle being on camera like you two have been. I would freeze and that would not be good. I hope you can swing the whole weekend for Charleston. I have never been but have been told by other who have that is a gorgious area. Even though my wife and I can't really afford weekend getaways we plug one in anyway just to have the special time together and to have a break from the weekly grind. Be sure to tell Joan that one of your new friends wished her a happy birthday. Take care

Sunny said...

Well, we haven't made it to a video part of our "podcast" Odie...and I'm not sure we ever will.
It's like a radio show on the internet with just our voices.

Charleston is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and I sincerely hope someday you and your wife will be able to go visit there- even if just for a day!!