Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Compartmentalized Memories...

I was just sitting here watching Sex & The City- The Movie. I was watching the final scenes where they are all out celebrating Samantha's 50th Birthday and it reminded me of my girls at work- Cece, Karen & Mary- who threw me a surprise 50th Party and was thinking it was ever going to be one of my favorite memories. (Thanks dolls!!)

And then I got thinking about how I tend to compartmentalize my memories...I have Family memories in several sub-catergories, Work memories, Vacation memories in sub-categories such as Lake memories, Beach memories,Mountain memories and camping memories. I have injury memories, hospital memories and party memories. I have baby memories, wedding memories and practical joke memories.

I remember a LOT of stuff about a LOT of things....
But then I got thinking about how my memories can all be put into at least two or three different categories each and that got me thinking about the PICASA app where my pics are.

Hahahaha- I have a Picasa memory bank.

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