Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wonderful Charleston!!!

Well, we're FINALLY back from our trip to Charleston. We had a bit of personal business to take care of down there on Friday, so I had traded shifts with a co-worker earlier this week so I could get some sleep Thursday night before driving down on Friday.
Well, that didn't QUITE pan out like I had hoped.
We got in bed about 2300 hrs...(11PM).... and JUST as we was falling asleep- we was RUDELY AWAKENED.
Me by Lucy(fer) as she climbed on the top of the entertainment center and then dive-bombed to the top of the Drafting Table which, I might add, was propped up at a steep angle so she ended up sliding down the top of it and landing directly on top of my chest and stomach..... and Paul was awakened by me yelling at Lucy(fer) when I finally caught my breath from her stupid little kamikaze stunt. After all that commotion, neither Paul nor I could get back to sleep at all, and we ended up talking til time to shower and get dressed and leave for Charleston.

Well, we got down to Charlie-town about two and a half hours earlier than we was scheduled for- but they took us back right away and we was there for a grand total of about 8 minutes. Seriously.

After the appointment was over- we decided to drive down to Mount Pleasant and have lunch at Waters Edge. We asked to be seated overlooking the water on Shem Creek, and we ordered...seafood!!! Yeah- I know, Right??

Well, as we sat there waiting for our dinner, a few pelicans flew by and one landed on one of the posts outside the window where we was sitting, and Paul took a lovely photo of it. He laughed saying he knew it looked like a totally touristy thing to do...but then he said heck- it was his first time to visit the city and obviously from his accent he wasn't from around .........LOL.
We discussed heading out to Patriot's Point and taking a short Harbor tour, but as we was sitting there discussing it- looking out on the water of the creek....two bottle-nosed porpoises surfaced and started playing right outside where we were sitting. Those porpoises are the main reason we(meaning I) were/was thinking about taking the harbor tour- so seeing as how we had the main attraction already,it was hot as Hades, the humidity was horrid and it was starting to get cloudy outside and looking more and more like rain, we decided against the boat-ride.
Instead, we rode a bit farther down past Mt. Pleasant onto Isle of Palms and ogled some of the ritzy high dollar real estate on the island.
I also pointed out where my condo was on the a prior life.

Believe it or not- we didn't even really go into Charleston Proper. We went onto the Ravenel Bridge..and what an absolutely STUNNING piece of art that thing is, too!!!....and we thought about riding back thru Charleston around Battery Park and Rainbow Row, but by that point we were both starting to get a bit punchy and thought it was best if we headed back to Easley instead. So off we went, having had a LOVELY time and still enjoying every second of it.

Well, we didn't get very far. About 45 miles back towards home, in Orangeburg, I was literally falling asleep at the wheel, and Paul was nodding off himself. So, seeing as we had WELL over two hundred miles more to go before we got back home, I knew I was going to get us killed if I tried to continue on- so we pulled into the first Days Inn we came to (luckily less than five miles later)and got a room for the night. My sister, Nina, was at Pawleys Island just along the coast a ways vacationing and had invited us to come down, but we had planned to drive straight thru back home after our appointment....had we known we wasn't going to make it back home anyway, we would have drove along the coast for the 45 miles instead and spent some enjoyable time with her and her family. (Hindsight is 20/20 huh???)
Well, we signed in and literally five minutes after walking into the room- I was fast asleep. And I didn't wake up until after midnight. And then I went back to sleep for another hour and a half before waking up again- but this time because my blood sugar was crashing. I woke Paul up and altho I had drank some sweet soda, my blood sugar was still plummeting so we got in the car and drove the three blocks to the nearest Waffle House and got some real food to eat.

After eating Supper/Breakfast, we went back to the room and I slept for another hour and a half while Paul watched TV for a while. When I woke up again, we decided to just go ahead and drive back while the sun was down and it was somewhat cool and comfortable there was little traffic out at that time of the morning as well.

So we re-fueled and we drove a while until we found a 24-hour McD's where we got a couple of Caramel Frappe's and then we continued home. We arrived back here at 7:45..... almost exactly 24 hours to the MINUTE since we had left the day before.

I have to say- we don't get to take trips very often, but when we do, they always turn out to be an adventure for us to remember.

Ain't Life SWEET????


Odie Langley said...

Wow Sunny that was an adventure with ups and downs but you did get some great shots to share with us. My wife has those episodes when her sugar drops and recently it hit 50 before she could get something into counter it. So glad you finally got some sleep and made it home safely. Have a great weekend and will be going to my wife's niece's B/D party today. Take care,

MC Etcher said...

Sounds like fun! Michelle and I enjoyed listening to your podcast - keep it up!

Sunny said...

Thanks Mike & Michelle!!!