Thursday, July 29, 2010


Okay, in my last post I told you what I would do if I had been told I had a terminal illness and only had a very few weeks or months to live, and then asked why I/We weren't living like that now since we are basically one day closer to dying every day of our lives.
And I got some interesting comments on it already.

Paulius said it translates to "what would you do if there was no consequences".....and
"We may not live each day as if it's our last, but that's because if we did, there's a good chance it would be our last...or we'd make our remaining days miserable."
And in response to that I want to ask- How would doing what you have always wanted to do make you miserable?
"Call off work, lose your job. Eat nothing but desert, get fat and unhealthy, etc, etc."......Okay first of all- calling off work to make love all day to your hubby if you only have a few weeks/ months to live isn't frivolous- it's making some more really wonderful memories for your loved one to have of your last days instead of being all sad and miserable about how little time you have left together....eating nothing but dessert-Obviously not ALL the time- but if you have always wanted to but have always been sensible and responsible and you wanna see what it's like to be bad- what do you possibly have to lose(unless you're diabetic and wanna speed things up, that is)....get fat and unhealthy??? LMAO- you're DYING and only have a few weeks/months much more unhealthy can possibly make a difference???

Odie agrees with me about Quality of life and grabbing life by the horns and LIVING your final days the way you want to make it COUNT.- Altho I have to argue against myself a bit and say "What???- Like my life wasn't counting for anything BEFORE I was diagnosed with this THING???"

Scratch says she would get a second opinion- first thing.
Second start contacting everyone she knows- and third put her affairs in order....

My reply to her is
First- Well, DUH!!!!!
Second-WHY?? Why would you be contacting everyone you know? Especially the ones you haven't heard from in a long time. I wouldn't. I would let immediate family members know, then my few REAL friends who care enough to KEEP in CONTACT on a regular basis. And then I would let the grapevine do the rest for me....anyone who really cares would contact me- and if they didn't then they don't matter anyway.
Or that's MY take on it anyway.
And third-putting your affairs in ORDER???? Sweetie- WHY do you not have that done ALREADY??????? OMG-you have a family to think about..... God forbid- what if you were in an accident today and something happened to you?? Would your loved ones be taken care of? Would they have enough money to take care of funeral expenses and to take care of bills and such during their grieving/mourning period? Or would they have to go back to work after three days like I did when my dad and son left us?
(I'm sorry hun, from experience I really have a hard time when it comes to getting affairs in order.)
In all fairness, tho- I'm so WITH you on the Hot Fudge Sundae thingie tho....make mine with Chocolate ice cream, extra hot fudge, extra nuts and a half dozen cherries on top of the REAL whipped cream!!!!

Okay so more on this later if/when I get more comments.....


Paulius said...

Ok, you missed my point.

You work at a job you hate...just like 99% of the people. One day you say "Fuck this! Life's too short to spend it in a cubicle!"

So you walk out of your job, empty your bank account and have the best day/few weeks ever.

Then, you get up one morning and you realise you have no job, no money, rent to pay and a family to take care of.

My point: Working a crappy job may suck...but it sure as hell beats being homeless and hungry...especially if you have kids to feed.

Sunny said...

true- but my point is that you can still be a responsible adult(ie working and paying the bills and such) AND do the things you think would be worth doing if you had been told you had a terminal illness. You can have it ALL!!! You just have to put your mind to it.