Sunday, July 04, 2010

Lazy Day........

This morning I got up before the sun came up to go on my walk/run. I walked for almost an hour...until the sun finally peeked over the horizon obliterating the shade from the driveway where I walk. From our front door to the mailbox at the road and back is almost exactly a quarter mile. The first fifty yards or so is a nice steep incline, but the rest of the way to the mailbox is, altho still a bit of an incline, it's more of a slight, gradual climb. I walked/ran my two miles and stopped when the sun came out full blast. At that point it was around 7:30AM. I came back to see Paul getting the grill going for smoking the rack of ribs we got for today's dinner. As I walked past him he asked me if I could , at some point pretty soon, go to our local Wal-mart and get some more charcoal. We thought we had plenty but we actually had MUCH less than we thought.
So off I went to Wal-mart.

Well, Paul's mistake was sending me to Wal-mart by myself. With the bank-card.
They had a 4th of July Sale going on.
So I came home with a new pair of Danskin Workout pants (in a smaller size!!!), a pair of workout shorts, (a first in 10 years for me), a tube of hair sleek for this damn humidity that makes my hair look like Albert Einstein's, a big huge bottle of Tony's Creole Seasoning,.....and the charcoal.

In my defense, I got the seasoning mostly for Paul's mum. I'm sending her a few spice blends that they can't get over there in the UK.

So now I'm sitting here in the yard, in the shade, having a lazy day, while watching my husband enjoying our smoker/grill while listening to his TWEET ME HARDER podcast.

We're thinking about going to Downtown Alive in Greenville this evening, but I don't know. Depends on how we feel later. The festival has live music and street performers, food and at the end of the night- a HUGE fireworks show.
Sounds like a blast- and it's something we haven't done yet, but you have to park a mile away and pay for the privilege of doing so. And there's like THOUSANDS of people there and I'm a bit weird about crowds.

Maybe we'll just stay here and watch the LOCAL fireworks while we're going on our night walk this evening.
I can't believe it's so cool outside today. It's only about 80 degrees out and there's a nice breeze today as well!!

On a completely different note- I just looked down at my sneakers and once again wished that I could find a pair of Nike+ shoes in pure white. What makes sneaker manufacturers think we ALL want those dang ugly neon colors all the time? Some of us want WHITE- or BLACK- or even a combination of the two would be better than all that color splash crap. I'm a purist. I LOVE plain white sneakers. But the only brand of sneakers I can find in all white is Wilson Tennis Sneakers. There's nowhere to put my sensor in Wilsons. LOL- and everytime I write Wilson's I think about Tom Hanks talking to "Wilson" in CASTAWAY. How upset he was when Wilson got loose and floated away from the raft. Poor Guy.

OMG- Paul and I could do a better job of making a podcast than the one we're listening to now. They are talking about Hamburglar and crow-bars and soapboxes. WTH?

I'd love to pitch horseshoes today- but Paul doesn't play. And neither does anyone else around here. Which really sux. I also would LOVE to go fishing, but our fishing-license expired last month and the pond down the hill is grown up and snaky and I won't go down there.

Anyway, that's my day so far. I hope y'all are having as great a day as I am!!!!

Happy 4th!!!!

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