Thursday, July 08, 2010

I'm Lazy....

Just so those of you who read both THIS Blog and my diet Blog know....I'm being a bit lazy today, so I'm putting this post on both with just a bit added on to this one..........

I hate exercise. I just do.
But lately- in the past month....I just can't NOT go for my walk/run.

That's why at 12:30AM when I woke up- I was lacing into my shoes, finding my big kick-ass 4 cell Maglite-(that I broke my OWN nose with before Paul and I were married)- and hitting the pavement. About halfway into it- as I was talking on speakerphone to one of my friends who is working night shift, I saw at the end of the road a few of the neighborhood teen groups(guys all) who were roaming the streets.
I was a bit uneasy about that, but then in a loud clear voice my friend on the phone, Cece, who had no IDEA the group was out there, asked me..."You DO have a GUN don't you?" To which I honestly said "Yep!!" and then started my lap back to the house down the driveway.
I decided to end my run a bit early, altho I had only logged 1.71 miles, just to be on the safe side.

And God Bless Cece!!!

That's the bad thing about living here in the Southern's just too dang HOT to walk/run at a reasonable hour. Especially with this heat wave going on!!!
And I HATE being all freaky paranoid and especially about lumping all those kids into the "probably up to no good and looking for trouble" category- but come 1:30 AM....what else are you supposed to think about kids who are out at that time of night/morning with no adult supervision?

Like I said- better safe than sorry but it really does make me sad that it has come to this with me. And I'm sorry- but even if I have to walk TWICE as many laps and just go from my house to my moms house, which is only half the distance to the road as I usually go, I'm not giving up my walks.

Hell, if that dang growling the other night didn't stop me from walking again- nothing will!!!!

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Seacat said...

HAHAHA....Glad I could help, even if it was inadvertantly!