Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad! Bad! EVIL Scale!!!

Okay, so I weighed today on our scale. Last time I weighed- (last week)- I was 225. Well, today I weighed and that scale said I weighed 281.9. That's 31 pounds MORE than I weighed when I started losing weight and 14 pounds MORE tahn I weighed at the heaviest time of my life...when I was preggo.


So, Paul wakes up- I tell him about it, he says, "Well, it IS that time of the month!!" and I say, "NO bloody way is "that time of the month" going to make me gain 56 pounds!!!"
So he pulls the scale out and weighs himself. It's spot on with his weight....and so I climb on it- and NOW it says I weigh 227....and since I just ate and showered and have a headfull of waist-length wet hair- I think that's probably spot on as well.
So WHY won't the damn scale work unless Paul is standing there watching it????

Stupid Scale.
(And the scale pictured here- That's what I'm aiming for...about 135-145 pounds.- Cannot wait to get to that point- but for now I'll be happy with dropping below 200!!!!- Hoping that happens by July 4th!!- and I'll be just under halfway there!!!!)

I can see myself continuing to lose weight with the "denture adventure" I'm on. I tried to eat a bite of chocolate last night at work. No such luck. Not only can I still not bite it- when I tried to let it just melt in my mouth- it tasted like cardboard. As does most stuff,... still. I've almost completely stopped taking my dentures out to eat- I'd never get used to eating with them if I continued to do so- and I figure if I can't eat it with 'em in- I don't need to be eating it anyway.
Great diet aid.
Also, aren't you supposed to be tasting stuff with taste buds in your TONGUE????? So why does everything taste like cardboard to me?
It's baffling.

And I swear- I look at something and ask myself- Okay- Am I willing to walk an extra mile tonight at work just to be able to eat/drink this bit of...cake-pie-ice cream, soda, milkshake..etc??????
And the answer is usually NO...and then I walk an extra couple of laps just for even considering it.

I think I may be gonna get a pair of those shoes like Paul has so I can monitor just how many miles I actually DO walk at work every night and how many calories I burn......and I'm having to do the stairs now as well. I was informed that my endurance test will definitely be in June so it's up the training time now.

Size 12 Soon....Right around the block.

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