Thursday, April 08, 2010

Exhausted.....But Happy.

Okay- so we have been working on a water-heater install all day. My son, Frank,( I don't know why I always explain who my kids are to y'all every now I think everyone KNOWS Frank is my Eldest son, Julie is my only daughter, and Clay is the baby and is in Heaven now)...sorry.....
Anyway, Frank came over EARLY this morning and he and Paul managed to get the water-heater de-piped, (or whatever you call it) and drained of what water was left in it, and moved out of the way for a new one.
After two trips to the local home center for various plumbing supplies to install the water heater and all the moving stuff around and clearing stuff out of the way, it's still not done yet.

I'm utterly exhausted- I worked a 12 hour shift last night and still haven't made it to bed for even a nap yet.
I called my boss and explained the situation and he called the other night shift officer and asked him if he would mind trading shifts with me...tonight for tomorrow night...and Kev said yes!
Thank you to them both!

And a very special thank you and I appreciate it to my mom for loaning us her truck to haul the stuff in from the home center...and to Frank who came over and has spent the entire day working on this project even tho HE worked mudding TWO houses last night and yesterday and hasn't had any sleep either! And he did it without a word of complaint.
Paul, as well, hasn't had any rest today or last night with his various projects while I'm at work, so I suspect that we ALL will be glad to get a good nights sleep tonight!

Sorry Scratch...but today-


Evan 08 said...

You've got a good family.

Paulius said...

Thanks for putting up that pic of me and not explaining that it's about two years old...when I was at least 30lb fatter than I am now.

Oh, and thanks for putting up one where I haven't shaved in a week and I'm wearing a full-on hobo T-shirt.

Sunny said...

You are entirely too sensitive about every single pic of yourself.... that's why you don't like to have pics taken and why I had to use a pic of you two together that is two years old.
And you and he were working that weekend too and I think everyone KNOWS you don't dress UP to do projects around the house.

And I'm still happy....and exhausted ....and love you both!

britishsaffy said...

Paul, Sunny is right - the picture was fine. You're being a tad over sensitive.....I thought it was a nice picture.